Q    Pastor Graham, why do you think so many marriages are in trouble today?

A   I believe it’s because so many have never understood God’s original intent and divine plan for marriage. All marriages can be deeper, richer, and stronger in Christ. The closer we get to God, the closer we get to each other.

Q    Deb, as a wife, how do you think a married couple can bring out the best in each other?

A   It’s been said that a wife is to her husband what wind is to fire. Now, sometimes the wind can be so strong that it blows the fire out. But the purpose of a wind should be to kindle the fire and fan the flames. Marriage partners can do that by encouraging each other, fanning the flames of their marriage, ministry, and life together.

Q    Pastor Graham, how can I develop a love that lasts in my marriage?

A   Love is not like a banana peel that you slip on and fall in love. Love is like a beautiful flower that must be cultivated. Marriage partners are to be not only lovers, but also friends. Deb’s my best friend. We share life together. It’s important to spend time with your spouse and look after their interests – not just your own.

Q    Deb, why is marriage better than cohabitation?

A   Marriage was divinely designed by God and is so much more than living together. Scripture tells us the purpose of marriage is for a man and a woman to be in a covenant relationship before God, cooperating as allies for life, and communicating His love to the world. If a couple is just living together, they’ve never really sealed their covenant with God and are, in fact, living in sin – which God won’t bless.