Q    Pastor Graham, what will we actually be doing in heaven?

A   If you know Jesus, then you’re going to be celebrating and worshiping and praising God. You’ll be rejoicing, but you’ll also be resting. No more hard labor. No more sleepless nights. The Bible says we as God’s children will serve Him, but in heaven we’ll never grow weary and we’ll never grow tired. It will be beautiful! Every day in heaven will be a great day!

Q    How will I be rewarded in heaven for doing good now?

A    You’ll see that Revelation 14:13 promises us that believers will be rewarded in heaven, “for their deeds follow them.”

Works don’t get us into heaven, but works follow us into heaven. See the difference? You don’t go to heaven because you’ve earned your way there. It’s all by grace and faith. But when you believe, you live for Christ because you are “created in Christ Jesus for good works” (Ephesians 2:10).

Many times, our works follow us to heaven long after we’ve left the earth. Your life and your legacy will live on in your children, your children’s children, and beyond. It may take eternity to measure the impact of your life today. Jesus said even a cup of cold water given in His name will not go unnoticed in heaven (Matthew 10:42). You’re going to be rewarded with crowns in heaven, and you’re going to lay them at Jesus’ feet as you worship Him.