Dr. Jack Graham Celebrates Life of Billy Graham

February 22, 2018 by Dr. Jack Graham

I’m always asked if I was related to Billy Graham. I am not, but he "adopted" me into his family during his final crusade in Texas in 2002. Certainly, Billy Graham was my spiritual father. I first heard him at a crusade in Little Rock, Arkansas, as a young boy, and he was influential in my life since that moment. Getting to know him personally and spend time with him in the last few decades are among the greatest privileges of my life.


Today I praise God for the life and message of Billy Graham. Throughout his 99 remarkable years on Earth, he never wavered to call people to repentance in Jesus. Every single one of his sermons — and he preached countless times to millions — was about the cross and the resurrection of Jesus; and every single time he called people to get up and make a public decision and follow Jesus. He did it all with grace and humility and without any apology.


As we mourn and celebrate with the Graham family the passing of this great man of God, I’m reminded Billy Graham once said his real home was in heaven — he was just passing through this world. This morning, as he arrived at the heavenly shores, I’m sure he heard, "Welcome home, Billy."

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