Dear Friend,

I hope your mind has been opened to the realities beyond what you can see in front of you!

I know it’s tempting to simply live for what is here and now – money, comfort, family, career. But if you live without an awareness of the invisible spiritual realm, you’re really getting only half the picture of what life is all about.

When you open your mind to the unseen realities, you can break free from mental strongholds, renew your mind in Christ, engage more effectively in spiritual warfare, and much more.

You can live every day recognizing that while the here and now matters, eternity matters far more.

That’s a message that so many people around the world need to hear – and I’m grateful for your support, which is spreading Gospel truth far and wide through our broadcast ministry.

Your gift today has the power to show people there is so much more to life – because Jesus has achieved victory for us all!

’Til the whole world hears,