Dear Friend,

I’m sure you’ve seen the argument raging in the media about gender equality. And it’s leading men and women into competition with each other. Unfortunately, that doesn’t help anyone.

The missing ingredient in all this shouting is a simple biblical truth.

And that is: When God created man and woman, He created us with different responsibilities, roles, temperaments, and personalities – to complement, not compete with, one another.

The Bible says that when God saw the loneliness and incompleteness of man by himself, He said in essence, Adam, I'm going to create a helper for you. So He put Adam to sleep and created woman.

What was the result? When Adam woke and saw Eve for the first time, his response was pretty much, This is it! You did it right, God!

And friend, when God made you, He did it right. Whether woman or man, you are a valuable treasure.

Thank you for your ongoing support to share powerful biblical truth like that with many others worldwide who need to hear of God’s love for them!

’Til the whole world hears,