Dear Friend,

One of my favorite personalities in the entire Bible is Joseph. He was a godly young man who had great dreams and great desires from God.

Joseph’s dreams led him to be sold into slavery by his own brothers. Yet, even after he was taken to Egypt, Joseph knew his source of protection – and he didn’t give up on his dreams.

Life may be dealing you painful blows, one after another, but like Joseph, you can have hope. I pray this issue of PowerLiving helps you to rely on the One who gave you great dreams.

It’s this same hope and joyful anticipation that you also help share with others when you give to PowerPoint. And this month, any gift you give will be DOUBLED by a $100,000 Matching Grant, so I ask you to please respond generously.

Thank you for helping spread the promise and protection of Christ across the globe!

’Til the whole world hears,