Dear Friend,

I hope you’re encouraged as you discover more about how God uses angels in your life.

Just as a road sign points us toward our desired destination, angels are there at every turn, responding to the will of God to faithfully point our feet toward Christ. Their counsel carries weight. Their direction can be trusted. Their protection has our best interests at heart.

Angels aren’t just fascinating; they’re utterly functional in putting God’s will into action. And the same angelic presence and protection that enveloped Jesus at all points in His earthly journey remains in service to you today!

I’d love to share more with you on this intriguing subject, so please request your copy of my book, Angels. It’s my thank-you for your donation today to help continue broadcasting the Gospel on television, radio, and online.

Thank you again for the vital role you play in proclaiming truth and pointing people toward Christ. May God use you to lead many more souls to Jesus!

’Til the whole world hears,