London, Pittsburgh, Seattle: different but the same

January 12, 2017 by Jack Graham

We’re back home following a whirlwind trip to London, where we had a terrific time with PowerPoint media partners who are taking God’s Word to this corner of a hurting world – all thanks to your support!

My meeting with General André Cox – who leads The Salvation Army from a modern headquarters in the business core of London – was a personal highlight. I also talked with Richard Fleming of TBNUK, which broadcasts PowerPoint at 10:05 a.m. each Sunday. I was also a guest on Premier Christian Radio, PowerPoint’s U.K. radio partner, where we air at 6:30 p.m. every weekday.

Our few days passed in a blur! But our time there affirmed how critical it is that we have a Gospel presence in the U.K. Not long ago, if you’d asked about religious beliefs in Britain, people might have said they were Baptist, Catholic, or Lutheran, or maybe Jewish or Hindu. Ask now and many Brits will answer, “None.” Their numbers are incredible and growing!

In Wales, 60% of the population has no religious affiliation. In Scotland, it’s 52%. Forty percent of the people in London have no connection with organized religion; and if not for the thriving immigrant population, that number would be much higher. There are plenty of “Nones” in the United States too.

Thanks to your support, PowerPoint recently began broadcasting in Pittsburgh and Seattle – two very different places in most people’s minds. When you think of Pittsburgh, the Steelers might come to mind, and then the steel workers who helped forge the city’s image. They came from across the world and brought their faith with them. So it might surprise you that in a 2015 survey from the Public Religion Research Institute, 20% of the respondents in Pittsburgh had no religious affiliation.

Seattle comes with a far different image – cool and hip, a technological powerhouse on the Pacific Rim. And it’s no surprise that the infusion of young programmers and designers and all those busy baristas means even more Nones. Still, the number of Nones is shocking.

Seattle has the largest percent of nonreligious residents in the country at 37%. That’s higher than any denomination or faith group can claim, including evangelical and mainline Protestants and Catholics!

Whether they live in London, Pittsburgh, or Seattle, people are lost in a world with no values, where ethics depend on the situation. They need God’s truth. And I give thanks that through your gifts and prayers, many will be reached – ’til the whole world hears!



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