Q    Why is it important for believers to talk about spiritual warfare today?

A  It would be foolish for any sports team or military force to charge into battle without knowing who they’re up against. Awareness of your opponent allows you to prepare, getting to know their favorite tactics and strategies.

Satan would love for you to be unprepared. When Christians doubt the existence or power of the devil, it’s like they’re going into battle with their hands tied – if they even realize they’re part of a conflict!

In my book, Unseen, I talk about the fact that God has given us tools to help us engage in, and win, this spiritual warfare.

Q    What’s the first step for someone who wants to become more aware of  spiritual warfare in their life?

A  Not every bad thing that happens to us is the result of spiritual warfare, and it’s important that we take responsibility for the results of our own laziness or apathy. But if you really do want to engage in this battle, then my advice would be to pray. God will answer your desire for discernment by giving you the keen vision and wisdom you need.