Q    If believers are made new in Christ, why are we still vulnerable to addiction?

A   If you’re in Christ, you have a new heart and a new life. But you need to remember you are still in the flesh. You still inhabit your mortal body in a world that wants to enslave you. Scripture teaches that dealing with the destructive desires of your humanity will be a constant struggle all the days of your life. Recognizing and fighting against these harmful desires is the first step in guarding against the snares of addiction.

Q    Why is it so hard for addicts to seek help?

A   There are two types of addict. The first recognizes they’re trapped in addiction – but they believe they’re living in inescapable bondage. They don’t think there’s any hope of change. They’re in despair.

The second type of addict doesn’t admit they have a problem – they’ve bought into Satan’s lies for so long that they no longer have a grip on reality. They’re in denial.

But praise God! His power can break every bond – bringing freedom to those in despair and those in denial!