Q    Pastor Graham, aren’t I already “filled with the Spirit” when I give my life to Christ?

A  The Spirit of Christ comes to live in us when we’re saved. That’s called the baptism of the Holy Spirit. When we’re immersed and enveloped in Christ, God’s Holy Spirit comes to dwell within us. But while there’s one baptism, there are many fillings. So we need to ask the Holy Spirit to fill us every day. It’s a daily commitment to let Him take control in our lives and guide us.

Q    How can I throw off these worries that are weighing me down?

A   Whatever challenges are weighing you down right now, let that pressure drive you to your knees in prayer and dependence on God’s Spirit within you. Give your worries, your life, and your will to Him. Because, you see, whatever we offer, God takes and cleanses and uses it for His glory. And rather than having that weight on your shoulders and that knot in your stomach, you’ll experience the wonderful joy of a Spirit-filled life!