Q    Pastor Graham, how can I find peace when I’m afraid?

A  Ask your heavenly Father to give you the power of the Holy Spirit to help you resist dwelling on your fears and develop unshakable faith. Soak your mind in the truth of God’s Word, and rely on His strength each day. That situation you’re in can be His path to help you grow spiritually stronger than ever!

Q    How can I trust God when trouble hits?

A   Even when all you can see is trouble, trust in God’s character and faithfulness to get you through. He’s the great I AM, which means, “I am everything and anything you need”…

Are you sick? “I AM your Healer.”

Are you struggling financially? “I AM your Provider.”

Are you worried? “I AM your Peace.”

Are you lonely? “I AM your Friend who sticks closer than a brother.”

Are your kids in trouble? “I AM your Ever-present Help in times of trouble.”

Are you weak? “I AM your Strength.”

Are you struggling with sin? “I AM your Savior.”

 These are more than promises to you—it’s who your God is!