Q    How do you get back your first love for the Lord?

A    If your relationship with the Lord has grown cold, know that it is not He who has changed, but you.  His love for you is unfailing.  Remember who He is and what He has done for you.  Draw near to Him through prayer and spend time in His Word daily.

Q    I’m really hurting over some relationship problems.  What’s your advice?

A    If you’re harboring bitterness or resentment in your heart, then turn first to Christ. Accept His forgiveness and choose to forgive and love those who’ve hurt you.  God expects us to rely on His strength and love to pull us through when we face situations that are too much for us to handle.

Q     Fear is creeping in about what will happen this year. What can I do?

    The Lord is your keeper.  Despite the constant threat of danger and evil, there’s no need for you to stay up all night worrying.  Yes, we have a very real enemy – but we also have a powerful Protector.  Thank God for His watchful care over you. Pray daily for His protection upon your loved ones.  You are not defenseless!