Q    What has been the greatest challenge in your marriage?

A   When Deb and I got married, we were college students. My father was murdered during the first summer of our marriage. And then a year and a half later, Deb’s father passed away after battling cancer. As a young couple, we were devastated. But our heavenly Father used that tough time to draw us closer and make us stronger.

Q    What do you think is the greatest misconception about marriage?

A   When you first get married, you’re so fired up about your exciting new life together. But the reality is that through the stages and seasons of life, every marriage changes. That’s why your marriage needs to be nurtured like a garden to keep the weeds and pests away. Many marriages fall apart because of apathy and neglect. If that’s where you find yourself today, ask God to renew your spirit, rekindle your love, and help you keep building your life together on the Rock of Jesus Christ. Remember, Philippians 4:13 says, “I can do all things through him who strengthens me.” Don’t give up!