Q    Dr. Graham, why has God allowed me to suffer so deeply?

A    When suffering strikes, it’s easy to start doubting God – questioning whether He really is all-powerful (“Wasn’t He able to stop this?”), or whether He truly is good (“Didn’t He want to stop this?”)

The reality is that on this side of eternity, we may never discover the whys behind the tough stuff we face in this life.

But hold fast. One day, answers will come. And all your tears will be wiped away. Until then, dig deep into God’s Word and cling to His promises – saying with the psalmist, “God is [my] refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble” (Psalm 46:1).

Q    How can I help friends or family members who are going through trials?

A    One of the greatest gifts God gives us is each other. He can use you to bring encouragement, comfort, and strength to those around you who are suffering.

If someone is overwhelmed by darkness, the best thing you can do is point them to the Light. Open the Bible together. Share Scripture with them. And ask the Holy Spirit to use you to shine hope into their dark days.