Q    Dr. Graham, I’m so afraid of Satan! How can I overcome this fear?

A    Remember that Satan is a defeated foe. He has no right or authority in your life when you’re a follower of Christ. You’ll still have skirmishes and struggles because life is a battleground. But that battle is a good thing. It means you’re alive in Christ. It means you’ve raised the rancor of the enemy. You don’t need to be afraid of Satan, because you already have victory over him. But you do need to be aware of him and continue fighting against him.

Q    I feel trapped in sin. What can I do?

A    When you’re trapped in ongoing sin that you can’t seem to throw off, you need to ask God to renew your mind by tearing down the strongholds that have occupied your mind. The way you renew your mind is by the teaching and training that take place when you open God’s Word and the Word begins to cleanse you and sanctify you. His Word will develop new ways of thinking in your life and set you free in Christ.