Why Study Revelation?

March 21, 2017

In almost all of its length, the Bible tells the history of God’s people, from Adam to Jesus and His church. Then there’s the Revelation — the history of the future. Filled with symbolism, it can be overwhelming. But just look for Jesus. The Revelation is built on one premise: Jesus is coming again! Until He returns, though, it’s crucial to study the Revelation. In All Things New, I list five reasons why:


To praise our Lord and Savior


To some, Revelation is the story of the antichrist. But the Revelation is about the Christ! Revelation will give you a greater love for Jesus!


It points to our hope in Jesus


In Revelation, eternal things matter. The more I get to know Jesus, the more I love Him and want to see Him face to face!


It prompts us to live godly lives


With Jesus coming, we should be motivated to live godly lives. Many Christians would be ashamed if Christ returned right now. Get your life right!


To encourage us to proclaim the whole counsel of God


Scripture warns of the coming wrath of God. One day, it will be poured out. But in the midst of judgment, there is the promise of salvation for all who believe. Pray that nonbelievers turn to Jesus.


To prepare God’s people for the last days


Almost 2,000 years after Jesus’ death and resurrection, believers desperately await His return. He could come at any moment. My prayer is that studying the Revelation will prepare and equip us to face persecution because of our faith in Jesus. We must be prepared to stand firm in Christ!

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