You’re called to be a hero!

October 12, 2017 by Dr. Jack Graham

Abraham, Moses, David…

I’m sure you know the stories of the great heroes of the faith. We have so much to learn as we look in wonder at all they achieved for the Lord. But we must beware. As we look back at these spiritual heroes, we mustn’t put them on pedestals. And we certainly mustn’t think they were in some higher “super saint” league.

Stop to think for a moment…

Abraham and Sarah laughed at God’s promise and doubted His ability to make it happen. Moses killed a man, and then he spent 40 years living as an outcast and fugitive. The great King David was an adulterer – who covered his tracks by conspiring to murder.

Yes, these men and women of old were weak, flawed, and sinful. Friend, they were just like you and me!

The true wonder is that they were heroes not because of their character or their exemplary performance – but because God chose them and used them to work out His purposes in salvation history. And today, the same is true for you and me.

As Christians living in these last days, we have the highest calling – to offer redemption and hope to those around us, through the glorious message of the Gospel. That’s heroic!

Perhaps you feel ill-equipped for the task. Perhaps, like Moses, you respond, “Send someone else!” But we need to learn what Moses learned: Our confidence needs to be placed not in our own abilities or strength – but in our great and mighty God.

And His promise to Moses is for us too: “I will be with you” (Exodus 3:12a).

Friend, God knows your weaknesses. And in His wonderful grace, He wants to use you to share the Good News of salvation with this generation. So lift up your eyes and step out in faithful obedience to the One who calls you and makes you a hero!


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