Resources from 2019


Pass Along Your Faith
By Dr. Jack Graham | March 20, 2019

In the 1940s the top offenses committed by public school students were as follows: talking, making noises, running in the hallways, getting out of turn in line (that was a severe offense in the 1940s), wearing improper clothing to school, and not putting paper in the wastebasket.

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It’s about your attitude, not your aptitude
By Dr. Jack Graham | March 19, 2019

Daniel was a man who faced many trials, and high among those was being held in captivity in Babylon. Even still, He had such a positive attitude. We’ve heard many times:  It’s not your aptitude, but it is your attitude that will determine your altitude. 

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Facing Impossible Situations
By Dr. Jack Graham | March 18, 2019

Have you ever faced an impossible situation? Maybe your home is breaking apart.  Everything that you've done has failed. You've tried all the counseling. You've cried and prayed, but it seems there's no way out.

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Moving Forward in Faith
By Dr. Jack Graham | March 15, 2019

Have you ever been called and challenged of God to step out? You didn’t exactly know what or where or why, but you were believing God and leaving the known for the unknown.

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Rising Above a Sinking World
By Dr. Jack Graham | March 14, 2019

One day in the presence of Mark Twain someone said, “This world is coming to an end.”  And with a gleam in his eye, Twain said, “Don’t worry, we can get along quite well without it.” 

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The Gospel According to Nebuchadnezzar
By Dr. Jack Graham | March 13, 2019

I’ve heard of some remarkable conversions in my time.  I think, perhaps, one of the most remarkable is that of Panamanian dictator, Manuel Noriega.  A dear friend of mine, Dr. Rudy Hernandez from San Antonio, Texas, along with Pastor Clift Brannon had an opportunity to go down to Miami, and to get the Gospel into Manuel Noriega before he stood trial.

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Walking by Faith
By Dr. Jack Graham | March 12, 2019

Do you know how to walk by faith day by day?  Do you know how to live that life consistently and faithfully?  Do you know what the secret is to living that kind of life?

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God comes near in times of suffering
By Dr. Jack Graham | March 11, 2019

John is the human author of the Revelation. It has been sixty years since John the disciple had seen Jesus after the resurrection and ascension. He’s now 90 plus years of age. You would think it was time to check into the retirement home and have a nice rocking chair into heaven. But not true for John.

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How prayer got me through cancer
By Dr. Jack Graham | March 11, 2019

It is often in the very toughest of times and trials that God brings us to a crisis of faith, and it’s through that experience that we begin to pray. The writer C.S. Lewis put it best: “God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but shouts in our pain. It is his megaphone to rouse a deaf world.”

I experienced such a time in 2009 when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Me – a relatively young guy in excellent health with energy to spare. I never imagined that the word cancer would be attached to my life. And yet it was.

While I made it through surgery without incident, recovery nearly did me in. I was exhausted. I was fearful. I was weak and despondent. I wondered if I would ever get better.

For many months, I prayed to God for healing and for hope. Meanwhile, week after week, I crawled into the pulpit to deliver my weekly sermon, sustained by the prayerful persistence that connected my heart to God’s.

Strangely, during this time of pain and weakness, more than any other point in my life, I became utterly convinced of the power of prayer. Though I was wobbly and wounded, the more I pursued interaction with my heavenly Father, the more divine strength I sensed in my life. The more I knocked on the doors of heaven, the more I found God ready and willing to carry the burden I bore.

Whatever broken conditions you are facing today – in your marriage, your home, your family, through a child who’s wandered away, or the collapse of a career – it is so often pain that drives us to dependence upon God.


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The Freedom to Let Go
By Dr. Jack Graham | March 8, 2019

We are in a culture that knows many different kinds of anger and even rage. You know, there’s road rage. Been there? Then there is sports rage! Listen to sports talk radio lately? There is voice mail rage. If you’ve ever been into the abyss of one of those voicemail systems, you have perhaps known voicemail rage. There’s work rage and office rage and, end of semester test rage, right?

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Jesus has the final word
By Dr. Jack Graham | March 7, 2019

Jesus, as in all the letters, introduces Himself as the Lord of life and the Lord of all! He says, “I am the Amen.” Now Amen means of a certainty, of a truth; it is an affirmation.

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Following God into Victory
By Dr. Jack Graham | March 6, 2019

Before Joshua and the children of Israel could enter the Promise Land there was a huge massive obstacle to overcome. It was a place known as Jericho.

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A Hero to Your Children
By Dr. Jack Graham | March 5, 2019

Now most men don’t consider themselves heroes. As a matter of fact, most heroes never considered themselves to be heroes. They didn’t set out to be heroes but ended up as great heroes because of the actions, the decisions, and the choices they made!

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Are same sex relationships the same?
By Dr. Jack Graham | March 4, 2019

If we’re going to deal straight up with bold, biblical answers to life’s most serious questions, we must deal with this question: Are same sex relationships the same? Are they equal? How are we to be tolerant or intolerant?

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Will you sink - or stay steady - in the storm?
By Dr. Jack Graham | March 4, 2019

If there’s one promise of Jesus that’s easy to believe, it’s this:

“In the world you will have tribulation.” (John 16:33)

Much as we’d like to, Christians don’t get a pass from pain. We’re not immune to the suffering and heartache that mars every aspect of our fallen world.

Like you, I’ve experienced this firsthand.

As you may know, one of the darkest valleys I’ve ever had to walk was when my father was murdered in the parking lot of his hardware store back in the summer of 1970. His death was the most devastating time of my life. In that moment, I wondered how I’d survive. I doubted my ability to overcome the trial. I even doubted God’s presence and care.

And when trials like that come upon us, it can suddenly seem much harder to take God at His Word...

But whatever you’re facing today, I want you to know that God is always holding out His hand to rescue you, even while the storm is raging.

The apostle Peter learned this lesson the night Jesus invited him to walk on the water. You’ll remember that Peter did fine as long as he fixed his gaze on Christ. But as soon as he turned his attention to the wind and waves surrounding him, he began to sink.

Your circumstances will be different from mine, and different from Peter’s. But you face the same choice: Will you take your eyes off Jesus and sink, or will you allow God’s presence and power to steady you in the storm?

My prayer for you is that when trials hit, you’ll look up and lean hard into the arms of our loving...

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You’re inspiring prayer warriors like Jerry!
By PowerPoint Ministries | March 3, 2019

Your support helps provide PowerPoint’s Prayer War Room, where a team of volunteer prayer warriors, like Jerry, support those in need by waging spiritual warfare. Every month, Jerry calls and prays for around 200 people who reach out for help.

Jerry is well placed to minister to hurting people. Years ago, he lost his baby daughter to a rare cancer. So when people ask for prayer, Jerry can testify how God provides strength and comfort, even in the most difficult times.

He’s thankful for this opportunity to serve – because friends like you helped bring him hope through PowerPoint broadcasts. “I decided to listen... [and] found what I’d been missing – my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!”

As Jerry’s story shows, every person that you help reach with Jesus’ love can go on to impact many others. God is working through your prayers and gifts to transform more lives like Jerry’s and grow this circle of blessing!

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Join us on this Mediterranean journey
By PowerPoint Ministries | March 2, 2019

An invitation from Dr. Graham

Deb and I recently had the opportunity to visit Israel with a group of PowerPoint supporters and friends. The chance to walk where Jesus walked is an experience like no other. The fellowship was so special, and the spiritual impact was life-changing!

That’s why I’m so excited about plans for a unique PowerPoint trip this October 20–31, when together we’ll trace the journeys of the apostle Paul around the beautiful Mediterranean. It is an incredible opportunity to see and learn about the cradle of our faith.

I’d love for you to join us on this journey of a lifetime!

For more information, click here!

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From Dr. Graham's Desk
By Dr. Jack Graham | March 1, 2019

Dear Friend,

You may not have heard of George Matheson. He was a nineteenth-century Scottish preacher who seemed destined for greatness.

But at a young age, Matheson began to lose his eyesight. Soon after, he lost his fiancée as well – as she couldn’t face life with a blind man.

For years, Matheson was blind, brokenhearted, and alone. But out of his suffering was borne a beautiful hymn I’m sure you have heard of: “O Love That Wilt Not Let Me Go.”

The third stanza reads:

“O Joy that seekest me through pain,
I cannot close my heart to Thee;
I trace the rainbow through the rain,
And feel the promise is not vain,
That morn shall tearless be.”

What wonderful words to speak to others – and yourself – when the storms of life hit hard. And what a wonderful hope we have!

I thank God that He’s using you to infuse others with that same hope, as you help share His glorious Gospel through PowerPoint in the U.S., Iran, the U.K., and beyond.

So thank you for your support to help millions embrace the “love that wilt not let them go.”

’Til the whole world hears,

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Everything I Need
By Dr. Jack Graham | March 1, 2019

Psalm 23 has been called the greatest poem penned in any language. And in reality it is a poem and it is a song. It is a song of the people, and it sounds the chords of human experience.

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