A Hero to Your Children

March 5, 2019 by Dr. Jack Graham

“Many a man proclaims his own steadfast love, but a faithful man who can find? The righteous who walks in his integrity – blessed are his children after him!”

—Proverbs 20:6-7

Now most men don’t consider themselves heroes. As a matter of fact, most heroes never considered themselves to be heroes. They didn’t set out to be heroes but ended up as great heroes because of the actions, the decisions, and the choices they made!

We don’t get to choose whether we are heroes are not! We don’t get to decide if we are truly faithful men. Ultimately our families decide that for us; our friends decide that for us; our children will decide that for us.

And our children need strong, present dads because the bullets are flying everywhere! This is spiritual warfare, and our kids and our grandkids are the target of the enemy! It is our responsibility, men, to be faithful to teach them to stand strong and solid on Christ! Sometimes alone in a hostile world!

The real heroes today are men who love God, who walk in obedience to the Lord, who keep his promises. We have celebrities and entertainers and athletes, even great soldiers, of course, but in my view the heroes… the unsung heroes are the faithful men of God who live and leave a legacy of faith and faithfulness for their families.


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