Are you being transformed?

May 22, 2018 by Dr. Jack Graham

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed….

Romans 12:2

Has Jesus changed your life? I know that seems like an obvious question. But how has he changed you?

Something amazing happens when Jesus comes to live within us. Think for just a minute about Peter and John that day they encountered the lame man at the temple.

It’s entirely possible that Peter and John had seen this man begging for alms many times. After all, the man had been a beggar at that gate for decades.

So what made this day different from all the others? Well, the day was no different at all, but those two men had changed! Pentecost had come, just as Jesus promised, and Peter and John had received the Holy Spirit along with all the others at that great outpouring. And now they were seeing through different eyes… seeing the world as Jesus saw it!

And on this day, the hearts of these rough-hewn fishermen had been softened by the love of Christ in their lives and that love compelled them to stop and reach out to this man in need.

So let me ask you again. Are you changed as a result of knowing Jesus? Are you seeing the wounded and hurting and being moved with compassion?

If so, then move in the power of the Holy Spirit. Reach out today in the name of Jesus and watch what he will do through you!


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