Can a Christian Conquer Stress?

November 13, 2018 by Dr. Jack Graham

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.”

—Philippians 4:6

In the fast paced world in which we live, every believer faces the problem of stress, worry, and the various anxieties of our age. In fact this has been called the aspirin age or the age of anxiety.

I’m not talking to those necessarily outside of the body of Christ right now, but Christians are cracking up. The stress is just too much for even the saints of God. We are just stretched further than ever before.

So the question is can a Christian not just cope with stress, but can a Christian conquer stress? Can we find control in our lives when everything seems to be out of control? The answer is yes if we will obey the principles of the Word of God.

Worry is not just a weakness or a respectable sin. It is sin. It’s lack of faith, lack of trust in God. One man described worry as assuming responsibility that God never intended for us to have. It’s like sand in the machinery. Worry is like revving your engine constantly in neutral. It’s doesn’t get you anywhere!

The way that we express our concerns and our needs is not to fret and worry and try to fix them ourselves. There is a simple solution. We have heard it so often and we practice it so little, and that is to pray about everything! Everything and anything!

You have a choice in life; that’s to worry or to pray.

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