Do you face impossible odds?

February 16, 2018 by Dr. Jack Graham

“The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be silent.”
–Exodus 14:14

There’s an amazing military story that’s told about the epic Battle of Waterloo fought in 1815. Maybe you recall from world history that the French Emperor Napoleon was intent upon conquering the world and seemed unstoppable.   
At the time of this critical battle, all that stood between Napoleon’s quest for world domination and the defeat of the British Empire was England’s Duke of Wellington and the Anglo-Allied armies. But given Napoleon’s momentum, hope was bleak.
The only communication tool to relay the battle details were signals in the sky projected by ships at sea. And when those first signals appeared overhead, a wave of horror washed over those awaiting news.  The signals read: “Wellington defeated.”  
All hope seemed lost; grown men wept openly. But then people slowly began to notice more words appearing from behind some moving clouds. And when the whole could be seen, it said: “Wellington defeated Napoleon at Waterloo.”
Now listen, when Jesus died on the cross everyone thought he was history, too. But on that glorious third day our Lord and Savior Jesus arose from the grave. And the rest of the story could be told: Jesus defeated death at the cross!
Even if you face impossible odds, never give up. With Jesus you cannot be defeated. The victory is sure! The one who conquered death will make a way for you.


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