Recently Added Devotionals

The key to steering clear of hypocrisy
By Dr. Jack Graham | November 18, 2019

As long as I’ve been a pastor, I can probably count on one hand the number of people who’ve walked into my office and said, “Pastor, I’ve got a sin to confess. I’m a hypocrite!” Some have, but not many. So why is that? Because the main goal of a hypocrite is to cover up, rather than reveal.

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Are you a cosmic accident?
By Dr. Jack Graham | November 15, 2019

I want you to picture your heart, that powerful machine pumping inside your chest. Believe it or not, it’s about the size of your fist and weighs less than a half a pound. Yet in less than twelve hours, it does enough work to lift 65 tons off the ground! 

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Why believing in God won’t save you
By Dr. Jack Graham | November 14, 2019

Once I was seated next to a lady in a waiting room. It was just us two, so I struck up a conversation and asked her if she attended church anywhere. She said she used to, but not anymore. So I shared the Gospel with her, and she told me, “I went to church for years and never once did I hear that! I believed in God but I never knew Jesus.” 

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Why must God reject evil?
By Dr. Jack Graham | November 12, 2019

You who are of purer eyes than to see evil

            and cannot look at wrong…

Habakkuk 1:13

Not long ago, I was at a basketball game and I sat down on some wooden bleachers. I felt a pain in my thumb, looked down, and saw I got a little splinter. I tried to get it out, but it wouldn’t budge. I thought it wasn’t that big of a deal because it was so small, I could barely even see it. So I forgot about it.

The next morning, I woke up with a throbbing, red, swollen thumb. That little tiny splinter had caused an infection because it was left in my thumb. So I finally got under some good light and was able to get it out. And soon, my thumb was back to normal.

It’s amazing how the slightest pollutant in the human body can cause a painful reaction. I think that tells us something about God. God is so perfect that the slightest scintilla of sin causes His wrath to react. He can do no other because He is perfect.

If God simply winked at sin and didn’t respond properly, He would be guilty of violating His own holiness and righteousness. But because He’s holy, He must react and reject all forms of unrighteousness. And through a relationship in Jesus Christ, you can be made spotless in His sight. Trust Him to make you clean today!


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Giving credit where it’s due
By Dr. Jack Graham | November 8, 2019

One day, a woodpecker was pecking at a telephone pole, just hammering away on the wood when right about that time a big bolt of lightning crashed down and split that telephone pole right down the middle.

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How to survive success
By Dr. Jack Graham | November 7, 2019

I know many people whom God has blessed with financial abundance. While they were in that mode of growing and developing their young family and getting their business started, they were faithful to the Lord, serving the Lord, and living for Him. So God gave them success.

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The big blessings of small obedience
By Dr. Jack Graham | November 6, 2019

I was reading awhile back about a man who worked for a bank in a large city. On the ground floor of this bank building, there was a cafeteria. Day after day, this man would get a two-cent pat of butter and hide it under his roll so that he wouldn’t have to pay for it when he got through the line.

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Preparing for what God has next
By Dr. Jack Graham | November 5, 2019

I remember when I was a student at Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, and there was a group of young men who were preparing to go into ministry. They had come in as ministerial students and they liked to talk about how they pictured themselves up on platforms and in pulpits, preaching and winning people to Christ.

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Avoiding ‘pick-and-choose’ spiritualism
By Dr. Jack Graham | November 4, 2019

Even with the rise in atheism in recent years, we still live in a very religious world. In fact, people are finding more ways than ever to connect with “god” or some kind of “life force” that promises to give them the kind of inner peace they’re really seeking. But can their views be considered truth?

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