Recently Added Devotionals

God has a hold on you
By Dr. Jack Graham | August 16, 2019

The Christian life isn’t just a matter of you and me holding on and hoping for the best. No, the Christian life is actually about God holding you and me in his grip, and us trusting him to not let go.

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Are you a trustworthy person?
By Dr. Jack Graham | August 13, 2019

We live in a sexually saturated culture and society, and temptations are in our faces every single day. So how can you and I prepare to resist sexual temptation? 

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There are no shortcuts to character
By Dr. Jack Graham | August 12, 2019

Joseph was a man with extraordinary moral strength and character. Over and over again in Genesis we read how God framed and forged Joseph’s character through victories over personal struggles and sufferings. 

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