Staying Connected

February 9, 2019 by Dr. Jack Graham

“By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established”

—Proverbs 24:3

Now, every person wants to live in close connection with others. God made us this way when He created us. He created us with a capacity to share the life of others, the desires, the dreams of others.

Adam did not live alone, but He created the woman and established the first home, the first family, and from the family a community, and from the community a city, and then God blessed a nation and nations.

We are living together as people in relationships. Gary Smalley says that, “Life is relationships, the rest is just details.”

Americans, today, feel more isolated than previous generations. There’s been a significant drop in number of close relationships that we share; close friends, people with whom we can discuss important matters and issues in life.

Did you know that social isolation is as big a risk factor for premature death as smoking? The fact is well-connected people live longer and healthier lives. That’s another good reason to be in church every Sunday. You want to live an abundant life and even a longer life? Then stay churched, stay connected with others.

God has established the home and the church and the government and all of these are indispensable to a healthy and happy life.


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