The key to a growing faith.

May 3, 2018 by Dr. Jack Graham

The apostles said to the Lord, “Increase our faith!”
–Luke 17:5
The apostles asked Jesus to increase their faith. And, as followers of Christ, this is something we should also be seeking. So let me share a little faith-building acrostic with you. 
Just imagine yourself in a giant arena running the great race of life. You’re surrounded by a great crowd of witnesses who are cheering for your success! And the way you increase your faith is to T-R-U-S-T!
T—Take away anything in your life that might slow you down or cause you to stumble. You mustn’t let distractions get you off track or let sins trip you up. You’re running to win!
R—Read and meditate upon Scripture. Scripture is a faith-building book, and the more of God’s Word you have in your mind, the more strength you’ll have in your heart and soul.
U—Use the faith you have. Faith is like a muscle; it needs to be exercised every day. You can’t just show up at church now and then and expect to have great faith. Exercise your faith daily.
S—Strengthen your faith with prayer and fellowship. We weren’t created to go it alone, but to have fellowship with other believers.
T—Turn your eyes upon Jesus. If you want to increase your faith, give Jesus your full attention. Jesus knows what it takes to run to win, and he is the author and the finisher of our faith!


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