The thrill of victory

March 6, 2018 by Dr. Jack Graham

No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.

–Romans 8:37

You don’t have to be an athlete to recognize the name Nike® and its famous swoosh. Perhaps you’re aware that the founders of this company named their shoe after the Greek goddess of victory.

But here’s something you may not know, the word nike comes from another Greek word that means “over and above victory.” Imagine if you and I could meet the challenges and overcome the obstacles of life just by putting on a pair of athletic shoes.

Now, of course, no shoe can do that for us. But I know someone who can. Christ Jesus has made it possible for us to conquer in every situation! In fact, God has called you to be more than a conqueror… a super conqueror in him! It’s absolutely true.  

So let me ask you something. Are you just surviving today? Or are you thriving? If you’re just getting by, then you need to know this: Jesus wants you to experience the thrill of moving forward from victory to victory.

Even if you feel more like a chump than a conqueror, God’s plan for you hasn’t changed. If you spend more time sliding back down the mountain than standing on top of it, God’s promise is the same. You are a champion… a super conqueror in him.

Resist the temptation to give in to doubts. Take your stand with Christ Jesus and see what he will do!


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