Through tragedy, shine His light into our world.

May 13, 2016

Therefore, just as sin came into the world through one man, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men because all sinned.

–Romans 5:12

Reflecting on the horrific attacks that forever scared our nation fourteen years ago today, it reminds me that tragedy can strike without warning.  When it does, it often leaves people and even nations devastated.

The first tragedy in history occurred the day both Adam and Eve ate the fruit God had forbidden.  I that moment, the tragedy of sin struck with full force bringing evil and destruction into the world.

And the impact of that tragedy is still being felt today as their sin has been passed from generation to generation to every human being. 

As I look at this greatest of all tragedies, it reminds me that when someone sins, it usually impacts others. It’s almost impossible to think of a sin or anything evil that does not affect a larger group than just the person involved. Unfortunately, the tragedy of sin is that it is often felt from generation to generation.

There is a word of hope, though, that is given to us by the apostle Paul when he tells us in Romans 5 that Jesus conquered sin by His obedient life and atoning death. If you are in Christ, you don’t have to allow sin to get an iron-clad grip on you. Even though your life is continually impacted by the devastation of Adam and Eve’s sin, you can stand victorious over it and be a beacon of life and hope to others who have felt the tragic effects of sin in their life.

So take time today to thank God for His gift of salvation from sin through His Son, Jesus Christ.  And determine…through the power of the Holy Spirit…to live in the victory that God has given you!

Through tragedy, shine His light into our world.

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