What is the Bible to you?

July 7, 2018 by Dr. Jack Graham

Forever, O Lord, your word is firmly fixed in the heavens.

–Psalm 119:89

Is the Bible just a book or is it “The” Book? Is it just another book of religion? Or can you and I claim that, in his Word, God has spoken completely and definitively as our final source of truth and authority?

When I was a young preacher, it was this question that ultimately changed the direction and brought resurgence to the Southern Baptist Convention.

I was invited to meet with a group of 40-50 pastors of churches and denominational leaders. And each of us stated in one sentence our view regarding the nature and authority of the Scriptures. As each man spoke, you could see two groups of thought emerging. 

When my turn came I gave a brief, simple answer: “The Bible is the Word of God.” And then the pastor right after me said, “The Bible contains the Word of God.” In these two statements you see the argument, and it came down to a one-word difference!

Now you may say that’s just a slight difference of opinion. But it’s not; it’s a battle! There’s a battle raging for Truth, for the very Word of God! You see if the Scripture is only partly God’s Word, then it’s not the Truth at all.

So what do you say about the Bible? Answer carefully, because your answer will impact every aspect of your life now… and for all eternity.


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