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What it takes to have a successful family
By Dr. Jack Graham | July 16, 2019

As a parent, nothing can happen through you until it first happens in you. That’s why today’s verse says that God’s Word and ways must be in your heart before you can teach God’s Word and his ways to your children.

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The conquering Christ.
By Dr. Jack Graham | July 15, 2019

What difficulties are you facing in your life right now? Do you have challenges in your family or business? Is there a physical or emotional illness?

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Keeping your promises
By Dr. Jack Graham | July 12, 2019

Today’s verse isn’t just talking about using the name of God and Jesus Christ in a profane or blasphemous way. It’s also referring to breaking your promises.

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Are you being unfaithful to God?
By Dr. Jack Graham | July 11, 2019

A lot of people misinterpret the Scripture when it says that God is a jealous God. Because we tend to think of jealousy as an ugly thing. But jealousy can actually be a very beautiful thing. 

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Have you become your own idol?
By Dr. Jack Graham | July 10, 2019

Some who read today’s verses might think, “This passage doesn’t really apply to me that much because I don’t have other gods. I don’t worship idols. I’m not in some cult or some false religion. I believe in God.”

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Why did God give us commandments?
By Dr. Jack Graham | July 9, 2019

We live in a world today that’s been captured by the theory of relativism, the theory or idea that says you can’t firmly or finally say what is right or wrong. So the very idea of a rule or a “commandment” flies in the face of what most people in our world today believe.

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Taking a step of faith
By Dr. Jack Graham | July 8, 2019

There’s nothing quite as scary as taking that first step of faith. Yet at the same time, there’s nothing quite as exhilarating as actually taking that first step of faith!

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Will you?
By Dr. Jack Graham | July 5, 2019

Today’s verse is a question King David asked his people and it’s a question I want to ask you today.

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Why powerful angels leave this one thing to you
By Dr. Jack Graham | July 5, 2019

There’s one scene in the book of Acts that’s always fascinated me because it showcases both the power and the limitations of angels.

One night as the apostles sat on a cold prison floor, an angel swung open the door to the jail and “brought them out” (Acts 5:19). The angel told them, “Go and stand in the temple and speak to the people all the words of this Life” (v. 20).

Angels are so powerful they can burst through man-made barriers with no effort whatsoever. It’s like the walls of that prison were made of butter, not brick. In other biblical accounts, they rolled back a heavy stone (Matthew 28:2); removed thick chains (Acts 12:7); and even closed the mouths of lions (Daniel 6:22).

Angels are mighty spirit beings who command attention. They’re not cuddly cherubs, but glorious creations called to worship and war in the power of Almighty God. But it’s important to note that despite all their astonishing attributes, not everything is theirs to do.

There’s at least one critical thing angels cannot and will not do, which is witness to the saving grace of Jesus in their own lives.

Angels testify to the glory and creation of God, but God has called you and me to bear witness to the grace of God. The angel commanded the apostles to go do what he couldn’t do – speak “all the words of this Life.”

We’ve been given something angels have never experienced – the forgiveness of our sins. At the cross, the angels stood amazed by the love God demonstrated for sinful people through Jesus’ death. Angels can only admire what God has done in saving us and giving eternal life to all...

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Happy Fourth of July
By Dr. Jack Graham | July 4, 2019

A couple years ago I had a speaking engagement in Philadelphia and made a point of slipping downtown to Independence Hall to reflect on the founding of our nation. It’s an amazing experience and I recommend it.

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