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Dad's who make a difference
By Dr. Jack Graham | June 15, 2018

We live in desperately wicked times. I’ve said that many times, and it’s true. It’s a reflection of the last days in which we live. And for this reason, it’s never been more important for fathers to pursue God with their whole hearts.

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God’s plan for you.
By Dr. Jack Graham | June 14, 2018

When Moses stood before Pharaoh and spoke those famous words, "Let my people go," he was revealing the heart of God toward you and me. Did you know that?

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Pray for Jerusalem!
By Dr. Jack Graham | June 12, 2018

The history and the future of the world are forever linked to the Middle East. So if you have any doubts about whether you and I are living in the last days, Israel is the super sign!

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