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How to find your joy again
By Dr. Jack Graham | January 10, 2020

I’ll never forget being awakened one night by a call from one of our best friends at church. She was sobbing uncontrollably. So Deb and I got on the phone together and she told us that her husband – one of my very best friends and a leader in our church – was abandoning his family and running off with a 19-year-old girl. 

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How God uses singleness for His glory
By Dr. Jack Graham | January 9, 2020

I’ve noticed that in the church today, single adults are some of the most heavily involved in all spheres of ministry. Yet many times, they can feel like they’re operating as satellites because it looks to them like their church only focuses on married adults and families.

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Showing love with the gift of time
By Dr. Jack Graham | January 8, 2020

I read a survey once in USA Today that was conducted among parents. The question was asked, “Do you think you’re doing a better job raising your children than your parents did?” And overwhelmingly, these parents said that they were, in fact ,doing a better job than their parents.

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Seeing God's work in your life
By Dr. Jack Graham | January 7, 2020

When I consider the work that God does, I like to think about it in terms of Him being in the construction business. That’s because from the beginning of the Bible to the very end, God is always at work building something.  

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Why you need biblical community
By Dr. Jack Graham | January 6, 2020

I heard about a man who wanted to sing in the choir of a certain church. So he went in to meet with the pastor, who asked him, “Are you a member of this church?”

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How God can use you to start something big
By Dr. Jack Graham | January 3, 2020

When I was a little boy, I used to love taking a magnifying glass out in the front yard, piling a bunch of leaves together, and using the magnifying glass to focus the sunlight on those leaves and catching them on fire. And as I think back on that, I’m reminded of the power of focused energy.

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Your personal trainer
By Dr. Jack Graham | January 3, 2020

Christ is faithful to do in you what you cannot do for yourself.

Philippians 1:6 says, “And I am sure of this, that He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.”

Sometimes you may wonder if things are ever going to get any better, thinking, Am I ever going to overcome the obstacles?  Let me encourage you: God uses the obstacles to help you encounter Christ and become more like Him.

God is continuously working individually, constructively, and creatively in your life.  Have you realized that the Christian life is not a self-improvement plan?

You may have set goals that have gone by the wayside.  Only God can work in you by His Spirit to make you holy and pure.  There’s no way you can muster up enough strength for godly living by yourself.

Maybe you have experienced the help of a personal trainer to work alongside you to encourage, counsel, and promote your physical well-being.  You may have decided that you couldn’t get the job done by yourself, so you hired someone to help.  There’s an accountability and motivation always present when a personal trainer is involved.

If you’re going to grow spiritually and become stronger, you need a personal trainer of a different kind.  God has given you the Holy Spirit to walk alongside you and commit Himself to your spiritual growth and development.  He is your ultimate personal trainer.

The Christian life is not just hard without Him – it’s impossible.  But you can trust that He will enable and energize you to do things His way in His strength instead of your own.

Have you...

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How to steer clear of spiritual traps
By Dr. Jack Graham | January 2, 2020

Benjamin Disraeli, who long ago served as Prime Minister of Great Britain, once said, “The secret of success is constancy of purpose.” Now what does that mean? Well, all too often, people today flex and change in their life’s purpose. They act on impulse, not thinking about how their actions will ultimately impact their lives.

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Your Support Changes Lives Like Annette’s
By PowerPoint Ministries | January 2, 2020

Annette values the teaching and encouragement you help provide through PowerPoint’s daily emails and radio broadcasts.  She says…

"I am thankful for waking up every morning to read God’s encouraging words that He puts upon your heart for us every day.  I look forward to those     encouraging words.  I also share them with my family.”   

You help reach millions of people with the hope of the Gospel in our nation and around the world – and many lives are transformed.  Thank you for your generous support!


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Q & A with Dr. Graham
By Dr. Jack Graham | January 1, 2020

Q    How do you get back your first love for the Lord?

A    If your relationship with the Lord has grown cold, know that it is not He who has changed, but you.  His love for you is unfailing.  Remember who He is and what He has done for you.  Draw near to Him through prayer and spend time in His Word daily.

Q    I’m really hurting over some relationship problems.  What’s your advice?

A    If you’re harboring bitterness or resentment in your heart, then turn first to Christ. Accept His forgiveness and choose to forgive and love those who’ve hurt you.  God expects us to rely on His strength and love to pull us through when we face situations that are too much for us to handle.

Q     Fear is creeping in about what will happen this year. What can I do?

    The Lord is your keeper.  Despite the constant threat of danger and evil, there’s no need for you to stay up all night worrying.  Yes, we have a very real enemy – but we also have a powerful Protector.  Thank God for His watchful care over you. Pray daily for His protection upon your loved ones.  You are not defenseless!



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