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New Life Resolutions
By Dr. Jack Graham | January 1, 2019

What does it mean to be totally alive? How would you describe “living large”? Paul said in Philippians that the purpose and passion of life should be to live every moment as Christ would live it…to magnify Jesus Christ.

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A treasure-love of resources… right at your fingertips!
By PowerPoint Ministries | January 1, 2019

Did you know you can access a vast library of inspiring teaching–without leaving the comfort of your own home?

PowerPoint’s online Resource Library holds a wealth of articles, devotionals, and sermons–all searchable by date, topic, and Scripture reference. You’re sure to find inspiration for your own walk with Jesus, as well as wisdom to pass on to others.

Jennifer loves the Resource Library! She shares:

“Thank you so much for the teachings you provide. I am using lessons from your program to try to reach boys and girls in our juvenile detention center. [Their] past doesn’t have to define their future–and Jesus is their hope!”

Visit our online Resource Library today!

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How to have victory over the devil in 2019!
By Dr. Jack Graham | December 31, 2018

There is a famous painting I’ve seen, done by an artist named Moritz Retzsch, of a chess match between the devil and a young man. In the painting of the chess game, the devil appears to have the young man in a checkmate. So, the young man is sweating profusely and trying to figure out if he can move.

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How to love others when it's not easy
By Dr. Jack Graham | December 28, 2018

I heard about a man who went to Jonathan Edwards, the great preacher, wanting to marry his daughter. Now, Edwards had several daughters, and the one this young man was in love with was particularly disagreeable.

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How much should you give?
By Dr. Jack Graham | December 27, 2018

Awhile back, a Christian economist told me that in the church-at-large in America, 15 to 20 percent of the people give 90 percent of the money. Now, I’m sure that number varies from church to church, but the overall statistic is simply staggering!

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You ARE somebody!
By Dr. Jack Graham | December 26, 2018

Sin is a serious subject with God. And the Bible has a lot of straight talk about sin, its consequences, and the damaging affect that it has on our souls. But the Scripture also tells us that because of the cross, you and I are forgiven!

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Be a light unto the world.
By Dr. Jack Graham | December 25, 2018

Jesus clearly states in the Scripture that believers in Him “are the light of the world.” So my question for you on this Christmas Day is this: Are you letting the light of Jesus shine through you?

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The Greatest Gift
By Dr. Jack Graham | December 24, 2018

God wants to live in your heart and transform your life. You see, when you become a believer in Jesus Christ, a wonderful thing happens. The very Spirit of God enters your life and lives within you!  And when the Holy Spirit lives within, you’re never the same.

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May you be blessed by the miracle of Christmas
By PowerPoint Ministries | December 24, 2018

Take a moment to be encouraged by Dr. Graham’s Christmas message to you:

We’re so grateful for how God has worked through you and your generosity to share His great gift – Jesus Christ – with more people worldwide this year.

Jesus came to be the Savior of the whole world. He was the expectation, hope, and fulfillment of a great promise: “Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign. Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel”  (Isaiah 7:14).

He truly is “Immanuel” – God with us. What a miracle that is!

May you be filled with the joy of His presence today and always.

And from all of us at PowerPoint Ministries, Merry Christmas!

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