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Q & A with Dr. Graham
By Dr. Jack Graham | July 1, 2019

Q    Dr. Graham, do I have a guardian angel?

A    Angels are overseeing your comings and goings every day, at every hour, in every situation you face. You can’t go through a single experience without God’s unseen heavenly host watching over you. So, do you have a guardian angel? Yes! You have an entire army of them, ever-present and ready to serve.

Psalm 91:11-12 tells us, “For [God] will command his angels concerning you, to guard you in all your ways. On their hands they will bear you up, lest you strike your foot against a stone.”

Q    What can we be certain about when it comes to angels?

A    There are three things you can take to the bank regarding angelic guardianship. For those who’ve placed their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, angelic protection is available, beneficial, and constant. Angels are “sent out to serve for the sake of those who are to inherit salvation” (Hebrews 1:14).



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Your support is changing lives like Emma’s
By PowerPoint Ministries | July 1, 2019

You’ll be encouraged by this testimony from a listener named “Emma” whom you helped lift up at just the right moment. She wrote…

“I was having a rough morning. [I’ve] been praying for my daughter; she’s a teenager and really struggling. I turned on the radio, and you said, ‘God hears the prayers of a faithful mother’ [and that] the Bible says, ‘He rewards those who seek him’ [Hebrews 11:6].

“I cried all the way down the road. … You encouraged me and gave me the strength and hope I needed that day from God’s Word. The Lord is using you to reach people for Jesus Christ. I am so thankful for your ministry. Please don’t ever give up; you never know who is listening.”

Thank you for helping strengthen this mother, and many others, with God’s Word!


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From Dr. Graham's Desk
By Dr. Jack Graham | July 1, 2019

Dear Friend,

I hope you’re encouraged as you discover more about how God uses angels in your life.

Just as a road sign points us toward our desired destination, angels are there at every turn, responding to the will of God to faithfully point our feet toward Christ. Their counsel carries weight. Their direction can be trusted. Their protection has our best interests at heart.

Angels aren’t just fascinating; they’re utterly functional in putting God’s will into action. And the same angelic presence and protection that enveloped Jesus at all points in His earthly journey remains in service to you today!

I’d love to share more with you on this intriguing subject, so please request your copy of my book, Angels. It’s my thank-you for your donation today to help continue broadcasting the Gospel on television, radio, and online.

Thank you again for the vital role you play in proclaiming truth and pointing people toward Christ. May God use you to lead many more souls to Jesus!

’Til the whole world hears,

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Seek the Truth
By Dr. Jack Graham | June 27, 2019

You know, it’s fascinating to me how popular the search for truth is in our culture today. Have you ever thought about it? Everyone – including every celebrity, it seems – is on some kind of journey to find truth.

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A Lifestyle of Worship
By Dr. Jack Graham | June 24, 2019

Today, I want to ask you, when God looks at your life, does He see genuine worship or does He see a counterfeit? Does He see something real or something phony?

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Strength from God's Word
By Dr. Jack Graham | June 21, 2019

I want to remind you today that not only is the Word of God perfect, living, and abiding forever.  Not only is the Word of God unchanging and true.  Not only does it have a saving purpose. 

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