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Your Support Changes Lives Like Annette’s
By PowerPoint Ministries | January 2, 2020

Annette values the teaching and encouragement you help provide through PowerPoint’s daily emails and radio broadcasts.  She says…

"I am thankful for waking up every morning to read God’s encouraging words that He puts upon your heart for us every day.  I look forward to those     encouraging words.  I also share them with my family.”   

You help reach millions of people with the hope of the Gospel in our nation and around the world – and many lives are transformed.  Thank you for your generous support!


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Q & A with Dr. Graham
By Dr. Jack Graham | January 1, 2020

Q    How do you get back your first love for the Lord?

A    If your relationship with the Lord has grown cold, know that it is not He who has changed, but you.  His love for you is unfailing.  Remember who He is and what He has done for you.  Draw near to Him through prayer and spend time in His Word daily.

Q    I’m really hurting over some relationship problems.  What’s your advice?

A    If you’re harboring bitterness or resentment in your heart, then turn first to Christ. Accept His forgiveness and choose to forgive and love those who’ve hurt you.  God expects us to rely on His strength and love to pull us through when we face situations that are too much for us to handle.

Q     Fear is creeping in about what will happen this year. What can I do?

    The Lord is your keeper.  Despite the constant threat of danger and evil, there’s no need for you to stay up all night worrying.  Yes, we have a very real enemy – but we also have a powerful Protector.  Thank God for His watchful care over you. Pray daily for His protection upon your loved ones.  You are not defenseless!



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From Dr. Graham's desk
By Dr. Jack Graham | January 1, 2020

Dear Friend,

As you start this brand-new year, let me ask you this:

Are you going to live your way or God’s way?

This is something everyone needs to ask themselves.  And now, just days into 2020, I urge you to thoughtfully consider your priorities this year.

Jesus doesn’t simply want a place in your life – He wants to be #1.  If Jesus is not occupying that top spot, then someone or something else will take His place.

That’s why I hope you’ll request your copy of my 180-day devotional, Moments in the Word.  It’s my gift to thank you for your donation this month, and I hope it encourages you to spend time with the Lord each day.

Thank you for your generous support to help broadcast the Gospel so that more people can come to know the Lord, and grow in their faith in Him.

 I pray you’ll continue to put first things first in your life so that, “in everything He might be preeminent” (Colossians 1:18).  May God bless you in everything this new year!

’Til the whole world hears,

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What is your word for 2020?
By Dr. Jack Graham | January 1, 2020

Not only have we ended a year, but we have ended a decade.  And as I thought back across the last ten years, I feel truly blessed for how much favor God has poured out on our lives, our family, our church, and PowerPoint Ministries. 

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If you’re looking for biblical resources to encourage you, guide you, and help you grow in your faith, then please visit my website.

Pastor Graham’s entire sermon library is there – completely free – because he wants you to be able to find the help you need at any time. 

You can also listen to PowerPoint radio broadcasts, watch PowerPoint TV, read articles and stories from other listeners, submit prayer requests, sign up for daily devotionals, and buy books, CDs, and DVDs.


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How much of you does Jesus have?
By Dr. Jack Graham | December 30, 2019

One of the most troubling news stories of 2019 has been the attack by the media, the radical left, and “social media influencers” of the Salvation Army.  Despite the incredible selfless, good works the Salvation Army does around the globe, it is being boycotted, protested against, and slandered all because it stands by its doctrine that its members adhere to traditional and Christian standards regarding sexual relationships. Two years ago in London, I had the opportunity to meet with the General of the Salvation Army, and it was a true blessing to hear and see first hand faith at work.

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The truth behind atheism
By | December 27, 2019

Perhaps you’ve noticed as you’ve looked at the Bible that within its pages, there’s never once an argument for the existence of God. In fact, today’s Scripture is the only verse that directly addresses anything close to the subject. But it tells us much about the mindset behind the atheistic worldview: it’s definitely mistaken.

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How to stay on the path to Christ-like living
By Dr. Jack Graham | December 26, 2019

A story is told about a sailor hundreds of years ago who was given charge of a ship overnight while the captain slept. It was his first time to have full command of the ship, and the only directive he was given was to sail due north, toward the North Star.

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The Cost of Christmas Day 25
By Dr. Jack Graham | December 25, 2019

God wants to live in your heart and transform your life. You see, when you become a believer in Jesus Christ, a wonderful thing happens. The very Spirit of God enters your life and lives within you! And when the Holy Spirit lives within, you’re never the same.

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