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Seek the Truth
By Dr. Jack Graham | June 27, 2019

You know, it’s fascinating to me how popular the search for truth is in our culture today. Have you ever thought about it? Everyone – including every celebrity, it seems – is on some kind of journey to find truth.

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A Lifestyle of Worship
By Dr. Jack Graham | June 24, 2019

Today, I want to ask you, when God looks at your life, does He see genuine worship or does He see a counterfeit? Does He see something real or something phony?

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Strength from God's Word
By Dr. Jack Graham | June 21, 2019

I want to remind you today that not only is the Word of God perfect, living, and abiding forever.  Not only is the Word of God unchanging and true.  Not only does it have a saving purpose. 

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