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Jesus is the Life of the Party
By Dr. Jack Graham | November 14, 2018

“And the scribes of the Pharisees, when they saw that he was eating with sinners and tax collectors, said to his disciples, ‘Why does he eat with tax collectors and sinners?’”
—Mark 2:16
Why did Jesus go to parties with sinners and tax collectors?  Why did He do it?  That's the question the Pharisees asked; and maybe we need to answer that question from the words of Jesus.  Why did Jesus befriend the sinners?
Because people are sick and hurting, and they need a physician.  Jesus did not see these tax collectors and sinners as pagans.  He saw them as patients who needed a physician.  He saw them as broken people who needed someone to heal their broken lives. 
Sin is much like a disease, just a little germ that enters the body and attacks the immune system.  Then that germ begins to spread throughout the body.  Having spread throughout the body, then the body is sapped of its energy and of its strength.  And if not cured, the disease can kill.
That is why it's so important to know Jesus. He is the only one who is the cure for mankind's ills.  But there's only one Great Physician; and I beg you, church, that we be friends of the wounded heart as well.  People are desperately sick and in need of the Great Physician.
Sometimes we have the idea that we want to protect ourselves from the sickness so much that we've isolated ourselves from those who don't know Christ.  We want to be strong against sin. Please, Christians, let's don't get the idea that we ought to be so offended by sin that we don't love people who are sinners.


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Can a Christian Conquer Stress?
By Dr. Jack Graham | November 13, 2018

In the fast paced world in which we live, every believer faces the problem of stress, worry, and the various anxieties of our age. In fact this has been called the aspirin age or the age of anxiety.

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God comes near in times of suffering
By Dr. Jack Graham | November 12, 2018

“I, John, your brother and partner in the tribulation and the kingdom and the patient endurance that are in Jesus, was on the island called Patmos on account of the word of God and the testimony of Jesus.”

—Revelation 1:9

John is the human author of the Revelation. And since his most famous book had been written, it had been sixty years since John the Disciple had seen Jesus after the resurrection and ascension. When he wrote the Book of Revelation, you would think it was time to check into the retirement home and have a nice rocking chair into heaven. But that’s not true for John.

Despite his age and faithfulness, John was exiled, banished, and persecuted for his faith on this Isle of Patmos, a place of extreme depravation and desperation.

Maybe you’ve discovered that you’re on a personal Patmos journey; that you are lonely, limited, and isolated. You may be living on an island of an unhappy marriage or the island of an unhealthy body, and shut out from family and friends. Perhaps you are persecuted for the sake of the Gospel.

The Bible says all who live in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution. And there should be at least opposition if we’re standing firm in our faith for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Yes, there is tribulation but we are not alone on our personal island of Patmos! You may be in a hospital room or a nursing home. You may be in prison. You may be old and tired and feeling like the whole world has forgotten you. But you are not alone if you are in Jesus.

In our greatest trials we know that God comes very near, and we can experience His presence...

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When Does Life Begin?
By Dr. Jack Graham | November 9, 2018

I believe the most important issue facing America today is the value and the worth of every human life… the value of the immortal, eternal soul created by God! A biblical worldview, looking at this question through the lens of God’s Word will really settle the abortion question and the issue of when life begins.

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Breaking Free from Fear
By Dr. Jack Graham | November 7, 2018

I did a little medical research on fear, and I discovered that fear has been associated with a wide variety of illnesses and diseases including heart disease, hypertension, digestive tract diseases, ulcers, head aches, even skin disorders. Studies demonstrate that fear can cause a decreased immune response, which can lead to frequent infections and even the development of dread and deadly disease.

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Christian Citizenship
By Dr. Jack Graham | November 6, 2018

As Christians we enjoy a unique dual citizenship. Because of our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and our personal relationship with Him, we are citizens not of this world, but of the next. 

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Where you can find ultimate satisfaction
By Dr. Jack Graham | November 5, 2018

In the 1960s, a song was written for recording artist Peggy Lee entitled, “Is That All There Is?” In it, Lee presents a very bleak outlook on the world. She’s become disenfranchised with everything and asks the question, “Is that all there is?”

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The best way to learn the Word of God
By Dr. Jack Graham | November 2, 2018

I was meeting with a friend years ago who felt like God was calling him to be a Bible teacher. This guy was brilliant, and it was clear he had been blessed with the ability to communicate truth to others. He was hesitant, though, because as he told me, “I need to grow first in God’s Word before I share it with others.”

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How to breathe life into your marriage
By Dr. Jack Graham | November 1, 2018

Several years ago, the Lord really impressed upon me that I was too consumed with ministry. Like any job, ministry can become such a part of your life that it starts to become and idol. And chief among the things that were being sacrificed to that idol was my marriage.

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How your kindness can change everything
By Dr. Jack Graham | October 31, 2018

Several years ago, I was preaching one morning on today’s Scripture, and we had a big hiccup in our sound system. The microphone was popping, squealing, and screeching. Needless to say, I was very frustrated with the whole situation.

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