How to trust God through pain and sorrow

It seems like every week – maybe even every day – I run into people who are facing very difficult times in their lives. I visit with men and women in hospitals, those who've lost loved ones, those with heartaches and family problems. But I've found there is a glorious difference in the believer who has a “but if not” belief.

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You CAN defeat temptation

There’s no doubt that you’ve experienced temptation in any number of situations. I have, too.

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A Man Greatly Loved

God Himself witnessed to the love of Daniel and of His love for Daniel.  This is one of the reasons that many Bible commentators and scholars agree that Daniel is to be compared with John, who was beloved of Jesus. 

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It’s about your attitude, not your aptitude

Daniel was a man who faced many trials, and high among those was being held in captivity in Babylon. Even still, He had such a positive attitude. We’ve heard many times:  It’s not your aptitude, but it is your attitude that will determine your altitude. 

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The Gospel According to Nebuchadnezzar

I’ve heard of some remarkable conversions in my time.  I think, perhaps, one of the most remarkable is that of Panamanian dictator, Manuel Noriega.  A dear friend of mine, Dr. Rudy Hernandez from San Antonio, Texas, along with Pastor Clift Brannon had an opportunity to go down to Miami, and to get the Gospel into Manuel Noriega before he stood trial.

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Do you have unmovable faith?

I wonder what will happen when hardship and persecution increases in our country. I see so many people whose faith has become soft and sentimental.

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The Coming Kingdom of God

Living on Purpose

Historys Countdown