Lightening others’ spiritual load

Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ. –Galatians 6:2 I remember some years ago when I had a problem with a toe on my left foot. It was just a minor cut. But before I knew it, that cut started to make me walk with a little limp. Then, the pain […]

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Getting yourself back in Christian community

There was a family in our church not long ago who experienced a very difficult time. Their young son was severely injured in a car accident. So one of our ministers went to visit this family. And when he walked in, he saw something wonderful. While that family was in the throes of tragedy, fifteen people from their Sunday school class had their arms wrapped around them, just praying, holding them, and loving them through that situation.

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The importance of unity in the body of Christ

Every now and then, I’ll be asked to officiate at weddings at other churches across town. I remember one time specifically when I walked in and saw the pastor of this particular church who had been faithful in ministry for nearly fifty years. Our church had just recently taken out an ad in the paper congratulating him on his ministry, and he was so grateful for that show of appreciation from another church.

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How much of you does Jesus have?

One of the most troubling news stories of 2019 has been the attack by the media, the radical left, and “social media influencers” of the Salvation Army.  Despite the incredible selfless, good works the Salvation Army does around the globe, it is being boycotted, protested against, and slandered all because it stands by its doctrine that its members adhere to traditional and Christian standards regarding sexual relationships. Two years ago in London, I had the opportunity to meet with the General of the Salvation Army, and it was a true blessing to hear and see first hand faith at work.

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What can God do for you?

In 1948, Billy Graham was preaching in a tent in Hollywood, California. It was his first large crusade, and it catapulted him to national and international fame as an evangelist. During the crusade, many people from the area, including those in the entertainment world, came to Christ.

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The Law of the Harvest

Crucified with Christ

Win over sin!

One of temptation’s great allures is the question, “Who’s going to know?” It’s true, isn’t it?

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Trade in your weakness.

The Christian life is a changed life! We know this because the Scripture says, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.” You and I are changed by God!

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Living the Cross