Mama Said

As you grow older holidays seem to carry more emotional memories.  This Mother’s Day I will be remembering one of the greatest gifts from the Lord – my mother.  I was fortunate to have her for 89 years.  I miss her every day.  She was my prayer warrior, my confidant, my supporter and my best friend.  She loved me without reservation.  Her smile could make the darkest day bright and her love for the Lord was contagious.  Until the day she died she yearned to share the Gospel with whomever God placed in her path – her nurses, her doctor, or the cafeteria worker. Often during these days, I thank the Lord that she is already in heaven.  It would have been so hard for her to have gone through the isolation of this pandemic.  But I know she would have been strong – she always was.  No matter what circumstances she faced she always had the right word of encouragement – for she truly had wisdom.  In thinking about all she taught me I will always be grateful for the times of discipline.  For it was in those times that my faith grew.  She always had a way of cutting right to the point – steering me to improve my walk with the Lord.  I love you Mom – I know your day in heaven is filled with rejoicing because you are with the Lord on high. 

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How valuable is God’s Word to you?

I was reading awhile back a book written by Dr. John MacArthur entitled The Sufficiency of Christ. In it, he tells about a friend of his who collects antique Bibles from all over the world and all ages in church history. One day, Dr. MacArthur’s friend showed him a Bible known as a martyr’s Bible that dated from the 1600s when Bloody Mary ruled England and there was tremendous persecution against Bible-believing Christians.

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The life available to you in God’s Word

There are so many different kinds of Bible studies today. I know many people who try what I call the “Lucky Dip” method of Bible study. They come to a crossroads where they have to make a decision and say, “Alright, God, I’m going to throw open my Bible, close my eyes, and point to a verse. Wherever my finger lands, that’s Your will.” 

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Building others up through encouragement

I heard about a vacuum cleaner salesman who was up in the hills of Arkansas and was showing one of his vacuum cleaners from house to house. So he got to one house on the backside of a mountain, and he walked in at the invitation of a lady and said, “Ma’am, I guarantee you this vacuum cleaner will suck up every piece of dirt on your floor anywhere in your house.”

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Why you need biblical community

I heard about a man who wanted to sing in the choir of a certain church. So he went in to meet with the pastor, who asked him, “Are you a member of this church?”

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The Cost of Christmas Day 24

Every Christmas, the hearts of believers everywhere focus on the birth of Christ. Now, while I love the fact that people are thinking about spiritual things this time of year, the story of the baby Jesus is just a snapshot in God’s story. In fact, it’s only a small portion of the life of Christ.

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Praying it Forward

Honoring Marriage

A Christian Lifestyle

Law of the Harvest