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Chapter 5

Defeating depression
By Dr. Jack Graham | January 11, 2019

Have you ever felt depressed? Everyone experiences some form of depression, whether it’s just the moody blues, a complete chemical or clinical depression, or something in between.

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Chapter 4

How to have victory over the devil in 2019!
By Dr. Jack Graham | December 31, 2018

There is a famous painting I’ve seen, done by an artist named Moritz Retzsch, of a chess match between the devil and a young man. In the painting of the chess game, the devil appears to have the young man in a checkmate. So, the young man is sweating profusely and trying to figure out if he can move.

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Is there pride in your path?
By Dr. Jack Graham | January 26, 2018

The single biggest obstacle between people and God is pride. So you and I must be diligent to always remain humble before the Lord – intellectually, socially, and spiritually.

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