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Chapter 9

The best way to deal with doubt
By Dr. Jack Graham | February 19, 2020

If you were to make a very honest assessment, you'd have to admit that everyone experiences doubt at some point. But there are two kinds of doubters: sincere doubters and insincere doubters. An insincere doubter doubts and doesn’t want to believe. But a sincere doubter is someone who, even though he doubts, wants to know the truth.

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Chapter 12

How to view your earthly obligations
By Dr. Jack Graham | October 30, 2019

I heard about a fellow who wrote the IRS one day and said, “I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately and I think it’s because I haven’t paid my taxes. So enclosed with this letter is a check for $200.” Then, at the bottom of his letter, he wrote, “P.S., If I still can’t sleep tomorrow night, I’ll send you the rest of what I owe.”

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How to be sure you won’t miss heaven
By Dr. Jack Graham | October 18, 2019

As I was sitting with a friend of mine at a coffee shop one day, we struck up a conversation with another man who was working there. One thing led to another, and we were soon deeply immersed in a conversation about Jesus Christ.

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Chapter 10

Chapter 16

Chapter 11

A Lifestyle of Worship
By Dr. Jack Graham | June 11, 2019

The verses above describe one event in Jesus’ life that lets us know just how He feels about those who worship Him improperly. Jesus displayed His power that day to show us how He values genuine worship.

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Coming Back
By Dr. Jack Graham | April 3, 2019

I absolutely love sports. And perhaps the most exciting part of a big game is the comeback.  I just love it when my favorite team is losing and as the game is nearing the end they make a furious comeback to pull out an exciting victory!  Now that’s fun!

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Mountain Tops and Valleys
By Dr. Jack Graham | March 26, 2019

The men who traveled with Jesus up that mountain were troubled men, because Jesus had just announced to them of His death and impending crucifixion for the sins of the world and they didn't understand it. They were uncertain of their future, and they were disturbed and deeply troubled.

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Living Faith Every Day
By Dr. Jack Graham | March 22, 2019

There was an American astronaut who walked on the moon.  Can you imagine walking on the lunar surface and hitting golf balls there and investigating and inquiring as to the surface? He literally walked on the moon.

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Chapter 6

Facing Impossible Situations
By Dr. Jack Graham | March 18, 2019

Have you ever faced an impossible situation? Maybe your home is breaking apart.  Everything that you've done has failed. You've tried all the counseling. You've cried and prayed, but it seems there's no way out.

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Chapter 4

Peace in the middle of the storm
By Dr. Jack Graham | November 20, 2018

“And a great windstorm arose, and the waves were breaking into the boat, so that the boat was already filling. But he was in the stern, asleep on the cushion. And they woke him and said to him, ‘Teacher, do you not care that we are perishing?’”
—Mark 4:37-38
In this one fantastic story we have Christ in His humanity and Christ in His deity. God in His humanity, weak and frail and tired at times.  But not only do we see the mystery of His humanity, but in this same story Mark is quick to tell us of the miracle of His majesty; because the same Christ, asleep in the bottom of the boat, is able to rise and with the word of His power He controls the realms of nature.
Fear and anxiety are major problems in today's world.  We face panic and trouble and tribulation all around. Sometimes even the strongest Christians find themselves swamped by circumstances, and we're tempted to be afraid and even to panic.  We wonder, "God, where are you?  God, what's happening in my life?  Don't you care!?"
We can know that the same Christ who stilled the storm that day on the Sea of Galilee is the Prince of Peace who stills the storm in our hearts and in our lives and calms our own troubled seas.
There are times in our lives when we wonder where is God, but if you're a child of God... if you're a Christian... if He's in your boat, even when He seems absent, He's present.

Practice the peace of God every day of your life by keeping your mind on Him.

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Chapter 2

Jesus is the Life of the Party
By Dr. Jack Graham | November 14, 2018

“And the scribes of the Pharisees, when they saw that he was eating with sinners and tax collectors, said to his disciples, ‘Why does he eat with tax collectors and sinners?’”
—Mark 2:16
Why did Jesus go to parties with sinners and tax collectors?  Why did He do it?  That's the question the Pharisees asked; and maybe we need to answer that question from the words of Jesus.  Why did Jesus befriend the sinners?
Because people are sick and hurting, and they need a physician.  Jesus did not see these tax collectors and sinners as pagans.  He saw them as patients who needed a physician.  He saw them as broken people who needed someone to heal their broken lives. 
Sin is much like a disease, just a little germ that enters the body and attacks the immune system.  Then that germ begins to spread throughout the body.  Having spread throughout the body, then the body is sapped of its energy and of its strength.  And if not cured, the disease can kill.
That is why it's so important to know Jesus. He is the only one who is the cure for mankind's ills.  But there's only one Great Physician; and I beg you, church, that we be friends of the wounded heart as well.  People are desperately sick and in need of the Great Physician.
Sometimes we have the idea that we want to protect ourselves from the sickness so much that we've isolated ourselves from those who don't know Christ.  We want to be strong against sin. Please, Christians, let's don't get the idea that we ought to be so offended by sin that we don't love people who are sinners.


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Moving beyond the mountaintop
By Dr. Jack Graham | August 6, 2018

Have you ever had a spiritual mountaintop experience with Christ? I hope you have. We need glimpses of Christ in all his glory to fill us with faith and boldness. And yet, as wonderful as mountaintop experiences are, you and I are called to more! Let me explain.

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Choosing your destiny
By Dr. Jack Graham | July 24, 2018

I want to talk with you today about one of the most tragic pictures in Scripture. Jesus had just told the rich young ruler that he must sell all his possessions and give to the poor in order to follow him. The man went away brokenhearted because he was clearly unwilling to do what Jesus required.

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Living your faith publicly
By Dr. Jack Graham | July 19, 2018

So many people today don't care about spiritual things. They go to church sometimes and you can almost see the little sign around their necks that says, "Do not disturb. I’m not really interested in spiritual things.” 

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What do you value most?
By Dr. Jack Graham | July 18, 2018

I love reading the Scripture. Perhaps you and I have that in common. But I especially love the end of the Bible, because it has a happy ending. And in the end there will be no more sin, no more suffering, and no more Satan!    

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Chapter 1

Chapter 3

Chapter 7

Let God release your potential.
By Dr. Jack Graham | April 4, 2018

What kind of people has God chosen to help fight the good fight of faith? You might think he chooses the great of humanity, or the nearly great. But you’d be wrong!

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And if a house is divided against itself, that house will not be able to stand.
Mark 3:25 (ESV)
Ever since the creation of the universe, God has established the family as the basic community in which God wants His people to live. In God’s design, and as history has shown, communities based upon His design for families thrive; those that fall short pass away.
One of the ways Satan tries to attack the people of God is by destroying the relationships in the family. In Mark 3:25, Jesus is explaining to the religious leaders of the day that the miracles He had just performed could not have come from Satan. He gives them an illustration about unity in a physical house.  However, it is clear this truth applies to the family unit as well.
Your family may be normal or dysfunctional, but God has specifically placed you in your family to shine His glory on a daily basis. Consistent with his original design, God knows that if the family can be transformed to love and serve Him, then the whole church, community, and nation can be revived to follow God as He has called us all to do.
Pray this day for your family, families in our nation, in your state, and throughout your community. Pray with passion for the Lord to protect and to strengthen marriages, encourage parents toward His priorities, heal relationships, and secure His values in their homes.

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By Dr. Jack Graham | October 23, 2011

Chapter 5

By Dr. Jack Graham | January 28, 2007