Shepherd of My Soul

I remember back when I was a little boy, drawing pictures on the church bulletin on Sunday morning and going to sleep on Sunday night in my mama’s lap. There was never any sleeping like that kind of sleeping! And to be honest, I didn’t care what the pastor was saying. I would catch bits and pieces, but I just wasn’t concerned about it all too much.

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The importance of living a life of integrity

Daniel Webster is considered to be one of the most brilliant and eloquent statesmen of the nineteenth century. He was an American political idol. So much so that in 1831, Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote,

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All the Lonely People – Part 2

All the Lonely People

Mother in Law

There are many things I was not ready for when I got married.   Being young and idealistic brought many obstacles into my life.  I hadn’t planned on sharing my new husband with anyone.  But as most young brides find out – he may be my husband, but he still is his momma’s boy.  Those days were confusing and to complicate things even more Jack’s father was killed when we had only been married a few months.  So increased responsibility became his – at least emotionally.  It was only a few short years later that Jack’s Mom died.  She never got over losing his dad.  Only years later, did I learn the valuable lesson that being a mother is a lifetime calling.  As my boys began to date, I would pray for each one.  And in the goodness of the Lord both found exceptional wives.  They both love the Lord, love their husbands and are raising their children in the faith.  Different personalities from different walks of life but one thing in common – they are part of our family.  I love being a mother in law not only to these godly young women but to my precious son-in-law.  What an opportunity God has given me to know the blessing of now six children and I do not take this for granted.

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Mother and Child Reunion

Not all little girls play with baby dolls – but I had them all over my room.  My favorite was a baby that wet and cried.  She wasn’t very pretty because I cut her hair one day when my Mom wasn’t looking.  But I loved her.  I remember that my Mom made her clothes and I always had a bottle nearby for her.  I learned a lot from taking care of that baby doll.  I carefully watched my Mom take care of my little sister and I copied her every move.  I learned to love my baby because I saw my Mom love my little sister.

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How to overcome life’s toughest challenges

Dave Dravecky, the all-star baseball pitcher for the San Francisco Giants and a strong man of faith, felt a lump in his pitching arm one day. He had a tumor. So the doctors went in, took it out, and found it was cancerous. They ended up removing 50 percent of the muscle in his pitching arm. It seemed like his career was over.

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Choosing to be Fearless: Day 3, Proclaiming

My neighbors all know Deuce! This mild-tempered beagle, part of a brother duo team, has proclaimed himself to everyone who comes within a block of me while we're out for a walk. The funny thing is that of the beagle boys, Deuce is the lover. He is a kisser and cuddler. But once in the harness, he demonstrates his gift of proclamation. Last evening, a sweet couple with a large dog caught his eye. Loud howling and barking set forth. He was fearless!

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Choosing to be Fearless: Day 1, Protecting

When I awakened this morning, for a moment I had to shake my self and remember that the world was different.

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