Resources on Romans

Chapter 3

Is anyone really ‘okay’?
By Dr. Jack Graham | January 30, 2020

Perhaps you’ve seen or heard the illustration of people trying to get to heaven as trying to leap over an ocean. The illustration goes that some may jump further than others, but the point is clear that no one can jump across the ocean. And in the same way, while some may live better lives than others, the point is that no one can live a life holy enough to get to heaven.

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Chapter 6

Seeing God's work in your life
By Dr. Jack Graham | January 7, 2020

When I consider the work that God does, I like to think about it in terms of Him being in the construction business. That’s because from the beginning of the Bible to the very end, God is always at work building something.  

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The Cost of Christmas Day 21
By Dr. Jack Graham | December 21, 2019

I’ve told the story before of a man who was getting ready to put a sign in his yard that said “N-O-E-L” to spread some Christmas cheer. It was a cold night, a snowstorm hit, and the man was trying to put the letters up from behind instead of facing them. He fumbled and bumbled, and said some very un-Christmas-like things in the process.

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Chapter 1

The Cost of Christmas Day 15
By Dr. Jack Graham | December 15, 2019

I remember years ago when Life magazine ran a cover story that asked a very provocative question. Famous for its breathtaking photos, the cover featured a stunning picture of the heavens, filled with stars, galaxies, and planets. And on it were printed the words, “Who is God?”

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Chapter 12

How to overcome the fear of surrender
By Dr. Jack Graham | November 27, 2019

As a pastor, people will often come to me when they’re facing the fires of life. I’m talking about those who are sick, people with diseases, men and women with heartaches and family burdens. But do you know one thing I’ve noticed? There’s a glorious difference in how a faithful Christian suffers.

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Chapter 8

If God is good, then why suffering?
By Dr. Jack Graham | November 26, 2019

There are times in life when we just have a hard time understanding “why.” I think about a friend I have who lost a child in a tragic accident. I think about those who are sick and hungry around the world with little hope for relief. Yet others whom we see as less innocent seem to prosper.

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The power of an enduring faith
By Dr. Jack Graham | November 21, 2019

A little boy went outside one day to fly a kite. Never having flown a kite before, he had obvious doubts. But his father assured him that all was well, and the kite would go up as planned. As the boy unraveled the string and watched the kite go up, he was heard to say, “I knew it would fly. My daddy said it would!”

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How you can rise above hard times
By Dr. Jack Graham | November 1, 2019

Not long ago, I was boarding an airplane when I looked up and noticed some very scary looking clouds over us. So I took my seat and the flight attendant began the normal procedures for getting ready to take off. I looked outside again at the clouds… and they weren’t moving.

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How to be sure you’ll escape judgment
By Dr. Jack Graham | October 24, 2019

Years ago, I heard about some men who were out camping when they were caught in a terrible forest fire. Fire was all around them, there was no way out, and it looked like they were going to perish in the flames.

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What it means to live a born-again life
By Dr. Jack Graham | October 7, 2019

I remember back when I was in high school, I had a friend who was an avid churchgoer. She was in church every Sunday, as well as during the week. If the doors were open, she was there. So one day we were talking about spiritual things, and I started talking about what it means to be born again.

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Chapter 5

God Loves to Forgive
By Dr. Jack Graham | September 30, 2019

It might come as a shock to you, but God delights in forgiving us on our sins… even when we come to Him with the same sin over and over again!

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Do you have life?
By Dr. Jack Graham | August 1, 2019

God is holy and his standard is holy. He is righteous and his standards are righteous. And the Bible clearly tells us that every one of us was born with the infectious disease called sin.

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How well are you leading others?
By Dr. Jack Graham | July 30, 2019

Whether you spend your days in an office, at home raising children, or serving in a ministry position, you will probably find that you’re involved in some form of leadership.

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You Have a Gift from God
By Dr. Jack Graham | June 14, 2019

Perhaps the best illustration in Scripture of the Church is that of a body. And just as there are various instruments and members of the body...all functioning in unity and yet in diversity…each member of the body is important and provides a crucial function. As it is said, “Everybody is somebody in His body.”

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Thinking Like Christ
By Dr. Jack Graham | June 13, 2019

When I was a kid, I made a pine box derby car. And you know, it was easy to keep up some speed as long as I was rolling down a hill!

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Chapter 7

The struggle between sin and obedience
By Dr. Jack Graham | May 15, 2019

Every person has experienced a decision or a time in their lives when they’ve just been torn. Both choices have their benefits and their drawbacks, but deep down you always feel there is one that is better than the other.

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The Stewardship of Suffering
By Dr. Jack Graham | May 2, 2019

One of the most eventful experiences in nature is the emergence of a caterpillar into a butterfly. Of course, we know that caterpillar in the cocoon struggles, and in the process of the struggle, he comes out of that cocoon and spreads his wings and flies as a beautiful butterfly. 

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The Relevance of the Resurrection
By Dr. Jack Graham | April 30, 2019

Dr. Thomas Arnold, Professor of History at Oxford years ago, said this: "I know of no fact in the history of mankind which is proven any better or by fuller evidence of every sort to the mind of the fair inquirer than the great sign which God has given us that Christ died and rose again." 

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Victory Over Death
By Dr. Jack Graham | April 2, 2019

Many people wonder what the difference is between Jesus Christ and other religious leaders. Why should anyone believe that Christ is superior to Mohammed, Buddha, or some other religious figure?

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Faith as good as gold
By Dr. Jack Graham | January 7, 2019

At what times in your life have you felt the closest to God? When did you experience your greatest spiritual growth? I’m going to venture a guess and say that it was not during a happy or easy time in your life! You see, God uses trials in our lives. They have a specific purpose and are permitted by him.

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How to love others when it's not easy
By Dr. Jack Graham | December 28, 2018

I heard about a man who went to Jonathan Edwards, the great preacher, wanting to marry his daughter. Now, Edwards had several daughters, and the one this young man was in love with was particularly disagreeable.

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Where does your hope for heaven lie?
By Dr. Jack Graham | December 21, 2018

Jack Welch, the former CEO of GE, was interviewed on 60 Minutes, and the interviewer asked him if he could remember the toughest question he had ever been asked. Welch replied, “Someone asked me if I think I’ll go to heaven.” 

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Chapter 13

Christian Citizenship
By Dr. Jack Graham | November 6, 2018

As Christians we enjoy a unique dual citizenship. Because of our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and our personal relationship with Him, we are citizens not of this world, but of the next. 

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How you can become more like Jesus
By Dr. Jack Graham | October 29, 2018

There was a 7th grade Sunday school teacher who told me about a time when she was working with boys one Sunday morning. One in particular was really cutting up quite a bit. He wouldn’t stay in his seat, wasn’t listening to the teacher, and was disrupting the whole class.

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The only works that lead to eternal life
By Dr. Jack Graham | October 24, 2018

I’m an American. Growing up, I was taught that I could do anything I wanted in life as long as I was willing to work for it. That’s how many people in our country are raised… to never give up on their dreams, pull themselves up by their bootstraps, and make something of themselves no matter their background.

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Your pathway to joy in any circumstances
By Dr. Jack Graham | October 19, 2018

What do you think is the one thing that really brings about joy and passion in our lives? I’ll tell you this: It’s not money. Money can get people going, but it won’t make them live with passion. I’d also say it’s not happiness. It doesn’t matter how happy someone is… happiness alone is a dead end road.

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The only way your life can be changed
By Dr. Jack Graham | August 17, 2018

There’s an epidemic I've noticed in the Church today – so many people are giving no real evidence of conversion and salvation. And I think the root cause of this is that so many are trying to turn from their idols before they turn to God. In other words, they hear the message of Jesus Christ, but they think that the way to come to Christ is to give up their sin first, and then give their lives to Jesus.

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Living in God's will
By Dr. Jack Graham | July 30, 2018

There’s a principle you need to know if you want to find and live in the will of God. It’s the principle of surrender.

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God is in control!
By Dr. Jack Graham | April 20, 2018

We see it all the time in the Scripture: one person is spared from what seems like certain death, while another endures hardship and dies in faith.

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Jesus came to find us
By Dr. Jack Graham | March 16, 2018

Do you realize that religion doesn’t seek the one true God? That may surprise you, but it’s true. Religion is nothing more than man’s frail effort to create God in his own image.

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Rebelling against God
By Dr. Jack Graham | March 15, 2018

As humans, we have a built-in desire to disobey God. You and I got it from our parents and they got it from their parents, and we all inherited this desire from Adam. This is why sins don't make us sinners. We sin because we are sinners!

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We are sinful, but the truth doesn't end there.
By Dr. Jack Graham | March 13, 2018

I know there are people who don't like to hear about sin. They think it’s a meddlesome or outdated topic. But it’s against the backdrop of our sin that you and I can truly see all that Jesus has done for us. The depth of our sin speaks directly to the great depth of God's love.  

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The thrill of victory
By Dr. Jack Graham | March 6, 2018

You don’t have to be an athlete to recognize the name Nike® and its famous swoosh. Perhaps you’re aware that the founders of this company named their shoe after the Greek goddess of victory.

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Don’t give up, take the next shot!
By Dr. Jack Graham | February 28, 2018

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.
— Romans 8:28
There’s a debate among golfers as to which shot is most important. Some say that it’s the tee shot, because you need to get the ball down the fairway. But others say that it’s the putt, because ultimately, you have to put the ball in the cup.
Well, these are both important shots, but the most important shot in golf is the very next shot you’re going to hit, whatever it is. You see, no one plays golf perfectly, not even the best players in the world. But if you don’t take that next shot, then you’re not playing the game.
And when it comes to doing the will of God, you and I won’t always do it perfectly, either.
Sometimes we get off track or make a bad choice. But God doesn’t want you to give up on faith because you’ve made a mistake. Don’t let a bad decision lead to a series of bad choices, or one bad day lead to a string of bad days.
If you let him, God will take your mistakes and missteps and put you back on a track that glorifies him!
Take the next shot. Start doing what he says to do with your next choice. And according to his promise, he will cause all things to work together for good.


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December 21st's Advent Devotional
By Dr. Jack Graham | December 21, 2017

I’ve told the story before of a man who was getting ready to put a sign in his yard that said “N-O-E-L” to spread some Christmas cheer. It was a cold night, a snowstorm hit, and the man was trying to put the letters up from behind instead of facing them. He fumbled and bumbled, and said some very un-Christmas-like things in the process.

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December 15th's Advent Devotional
By Dr. Jack Graham | December 15, 2017

          I remember years ago when Life magazine ran a cover story that asked a very provocative question. Famous for its breathtaking photos, the cover featured a stunning picture of the heavens, filled with stars, galaxies, and planets. And on it were printed the words, “Who is God?”

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Discovering how God made you unique
By Dr. Jack Graham | November 14, 2017

Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them: if prophecy, in proportion to our faith; if service, in our serving; the one who teaches, in his teaching; the one who exhorts, in his exhortation; the one who contributes, in generosity; the one who leads, with zeal; the one who does acts of mercy, with cheerfulness.

Romans 12:6-8

One undeniable truth that I find in the Scripture is that each member of the body of Christ is gifted in a very unique way. Some may have the gift of prophecy and are able to proclaim the truth of God with power and conviction. Some may have the gift of serving… others teaching… others exhortation… and so on.

The point is that I am not you and you are not me. We are different! And God has made us different so that each of us can make a unique contribution to his Kingdom on earth.

God wants you to be honest with yourself about what you can contribute to the body. He never meant for you to try and fit a square peg into a round hole. So many times I’ve seen faithful men and women of Christ who aren’t content with how God gifted them. So they end up getting burnt out in a ministry role that just wasn’t for them.

So pray and ask God to reveal to you how he has gifted you specifically. When you begin to understand that and are comfortable with who you are, your life will make an even greater impact for Christ!


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For as in one body we have many members, and the members do not all have the same function, so we, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another.  Romans 12:4-5


Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ?


That question so often becomes the litmus test of what it means to be a Christian today. Everywhere you turn you hear Christians talk about things like “my personal faith” and “Jesus is my personal Lord and Savior.”


Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely believe that placing your faith in Jesus Christ is a personal decision that only you can make. But how often do you see Christians emphasize the personal nature of our faith only to forget the corporate nature?


The word corporate comes from the Latin word corpus, which means “body”—and that’s exactly what I’m talking about! You and I are part of the body of Christ and not one of us can live the Christian life alone.


Unfortunately, much of the Western world has adopted a “Lone Ranger” mentality when it comes to faith. But God never meant it to be this way!


Even before the fall of man, God knew that it was “not good that the man should be alone” (Genesis 2:18). And from eternity past, God existed in three persons—Father, Son, and Spirit—because he knew that community was so important.


So get away from the “Lone Ranger” mentality and live in community. Only then will you begin to grasp what God can do when the many members of the body act...

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Don’t rush God.
By | October 27, 2017

I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us.

-–Romans 8:18


God is constructively, creatively, and compassionately working through things in your life right this very moment! Invisibly and invincibly, the hand of God is at work!


Does that thrill you? It does me! And it’s the reason that I want to encourage you not to rush Providence… don’t push Providence.


Now that’s my challenge sometimes, I want to help God get it done. I want things in my time and my way. And when you think about it, that’s exactly what disappointment and discouragement is. When I’m discouraged I’m not trusting and believing God for his timing and his perfect will.


The great basketball coach, John Wooden, who passed away several years ago at almost 100 years of age, wrote a book called, Be Quick, Don’t Hurry. He was talking about basketball of course, saying be quick, but don’t rush because that’s when mistakes happen.


That’s good advice for us today regarding life in general. You see, with God time means nothing, but timing with God is everything!


You may be struggling today wondering when your struggles will ever end. But with God, your suffering is only temporary and your future is filled with eternal hope.


Trust God’s timing and the masterful hand of Providence in your life. Your struggles today cannot compare to the glorious promise that is yours in Christ Jesus.



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Chapter 11

Do not be slothful in zeal, be fervent in spirit, serve the Lord. Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.

—Romans 12:11-12


Authentic Christians don’t lag behind when it comes to service for the Lord Jesus Christ. They lead the way, taking care of God’s business!


I believe there ought to be a sense of urgency, a sense of intensity, and a passion for spiritual ministry. And certainly there is no room for laziness and there is no room for lukewarmness when it comes to serving the Lord Jesus Christ.


Ecclesiastes 9:10 says, “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might.” If it’s worthy to do, then it’s worthy to do with all of your might.


Ephesians 5:16 says that we are to make “the best use of the time, because the days are evil.” Friend, we’re to turn it up a notch or two in these evil days, and redouble and triple our efforts. Not our self-efforts, but our spiritually energized efforts in the work of the Lord Jesus Christ!


So are you working hard in the service of Jesus Christ? Or are you hardly working? 


Don’t be like so many Christians who are rusting out instead of wearing out in serving the Lord Jesus Christ!


Determine to serve God with all of your might.

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For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.
—Romans 8:38-39

Do you ever worry that you could lose your salvation? That you could do something so awful that you would no longer be saved? 

The fact is, when you make a decision to accept Christ as your Savior, your eternal future is made secure. His work is finished! Thanks to what Jesus did on the cross, God has wiped away any sin that separated you from Him. In fact, Psalm 103:12 tells us, “As far as the east is from the west, so far does he remove our transgressions from us.” 

But maybe you still feel guilty for what you’ve done in the past…or for what you’re currently doing. Maybe your deep sense of regret is stopping you from turning back to God now.

If so, I want to point you to what Paul says in Romans 8:38-39…that nothing can separate you from God’s love. Death can’t do it. Life can’t do it. Neither can angels, governments, or powers. Nothing in your past, your present, or your future can separate you from God’s love. Not one single thing!

So I encourage you to claim this promise from God today…and commit Romans 8:38-39 to memory. Then the next time Satan tempts you to doubt your standing in Christ, say these verses out loud…and stand on God’s promises!

Nothing can separate you from the love of...

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There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. For the law of the Spirit of life has set you free in Christ Jesus from the law of sin and death.

—Romans 8:1-2


In the fifth chapter of the Gospel of Mark, we see a remarkable story about a madman who was set free by the Lord Jesus Christ from the evil that tormented his life.


And it’s such a great reminder of what Jesus has done for you and me!  Without Christ, we’re madmen who are addicted to sin…broken and bruised…self-destructive…hurting ourselves, our families, and our friends.


But when we ask Jesus into our lives, He doesn’t just clean us up.  He sets us free and gives usp a brand new heart!


We read what God does for our hearts in Ezekiel 11:19-20 when He says, “I will give them one heart, and a new spirit I will put within them.  I will remove the heart of stone from their flesh and give them a heart of flesh, that they may walk in my statutes and keep my rules and obey them.  And they shall be my people, and I will be their God.”


You see, being a Christian isn’t about getting cleaned up and then trying to hang on for dear life!  No, coming to Christ means you have the power of Jesus to overcome your habits, your addictions, and your sins.  You’re no longer on your own!


The apostle Paul reinforces this in 2 Corinthians 5:17 when he says, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a...

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Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.”

—Romans 12:19


So often, people want to be the judge, juror, and executioner of other’s faults and failures and sins. Can you relate?


It’s like getting older…when physically we get less flexible and our muscles can stiffen after exercise. The same thing that happens to us physically can happen to us mentally and emotionally too.


Our attitudes can stiffen and harden, and over time we can become cynical, brittle, critical, and inflexible. Instead of just growing older, we grow colder because we’re holding on to some things that we refuse to let go.


You know, Jesus had some very, very strong words to the unforgiving and the unrelenting…to those who tried to play God with others. In fact, Jesus rejected them, while at the same time He accepted the sinful, repentant woman who came to Him to begin anew.


Perhaps you’re carrying around a judgmental attitude today. If so, do you know what the antidote for that problem is? It’s the power of forgiveness given to us by Christ Himself!


If you have a critical spirit in your heart today, ask God to help you let it go. Don’t let your attitude stiffen and harden as you grow older! Instead, let God be the judge!


As you grow older, don’t grow colder.

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For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

—Romans 6:23

When we share our faith with others, we love telling the Good News part, don’t we?

We love to talk about the love, the grace, the power of God to save, and the forgiveness of God. That’s the wonderful good news of the Good News. We love to talk about heaven and we should!

But then there’s that troubling other side, the difficult side that Jesus talked about: hell. In fact, Jesus talked about hell more than He talked about heaven. He talked about judgment. And the Bible talks about how people without Christ are spiritually dead.  And we are told that the wages of sin is death.

While most people don’t like to talk about that too much, integrity demands that we tell the Good News and the bad news. Because it’s the bad news that makes the Good News the Good News!

Now, let me ask you a simple question today: Do you want someone to tell you the truth or do you just want them to tell you something to make you feel better?

If we’re going to have integrity with our message and our mission in our witness for Christ, all of us must be willing to tell people the truth!

If God is going to use you, you must be a person with integrity…which means telling people the Good News and the bad news! Which will make the Good News truly…GOOD NEWS!

It’s the bad news that makes the good news the good news!

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Therefore, just as sin came into the world through one man, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men because all sinned.

—Romans 5:12

Reflecting on the horrific attacks that forever scared our nation fourteen years ago today, it reminds me that tragedy can strike without warning.  When it does, it often leaves people and even nations devastated.

The first tragedy in history occurred the day both Adam and Eve ate the fruit God had forbidden.  I that moment, the tragedy of sin struck with full force bringing evil and destruction into the world.

And the impact of that tragedy is still being felt today as their sin has been passed from generation to generation to every human being. 

As I look at this greatest of all tragedies, it reminds me that when someone sins, it usually impacts others. It’s almost impossible to think of a sin or anything evil that does not affect a larger group than just the person involved. Unfortunately, the tragedy of sin is that it is often felt from generation to generation.

There is a word of hope, though, that is given to us by the apostle Paul when he tells us in Romans 5 that Jesus conquered sin by His obedient life and atoning death. If you are in Christ, you don’t have to allow sin to get an iron-clad grip on you. Even though your life is continually impacted by the devastation of Adam and Eve’s sin, you can stand victorious over it and be a beacon of life and hope to others who have felt the tragic effects of sin in their life.

So take time today to thank God for His...

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Chapter 15

How Well Are You Leading Others?
By Dr. Jack Graham | April 15, 2016

Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them… the one who leads, with zeal….     

—Romans 12:6, 8

Whether you spend your days in an office, at home raising children, or serving in a ministry position, you will probably find that you’re involved in some form of leadership. 

That’s why today I’d like to encourage you with four great leadership qualities from the life of Nehemiah that you can apply to your situation:

Nehemiah was a man of integrity who was respected. The people saw in him a man they could believe and follow, and they were inspired to action.

Nehemiah maintained strong interpersonal relationships. He took a personal interest in knowing each person and what they were doing. Every individual was important to him.  

Nehemiah knew how to encourage people. He noted the hard workers and affirmed them, giving honor where it was due. 

Nehemiah never said a word about what he did. He was the kind of man who was willing to let others take the credit and to share the victory with others. 

These are simple yet important qualities that set great leaders apart. In whatever situation you find yourself today, consider how you can adopt some of Nehemiah’s valuable leadership qualities. 



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Chapter 10

Chapter 4

Chapter 2