The power and preservation of God’s word

In 1939 at the World’s Fair in New York, a time capsule was buried, which is to be opened 5,000 years from now. And, of course, in that time capsule they included many items of the culture and society of that day – memorabilia to give a slice of life if the world is still in existence in 5,000 years. 

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Building others up through encouragement

I heard about a vacuum cleaner salesman who was up in the hills of Arkansas and was showing one of his vacuum cleaners from house to house. So he got to one house on the backside of a mountain, and he walked in at the invitation of a lady and said, “Ma’am, I guarantee you this vacuum cleaner will suck up every piece of dirt on your floor anywhere in your house.”

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How do you read the Bible?

In my time as a pastor, I’ve come to the realization that there are essentially three kinds of Bible readers. There are some I like to call “castor-oil” readers, who see the Bible as bad-tasting medicine. But they figure it’s good for what ails them so they decide to take it anyway.

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Word of God Speak

God speaks to us. “God is here,” Francis Schaeffer said years ago, “and He is not silent.” God has never left Himself without a witness. But the question is how does God speak?

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Can You Trust the Bible

Do you accept God’s Word?

In his book The Journey, the great Billy Graham writes about coming to a point in his life of reconciling himself to the Scriptures as the complete and authoritative Word of God.

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What is the Bible to you?

Is the Bible just a book or is it “The” Book? Is it just another book of religion? Or can you and I claim that, in his Word, God has spoken completely and definitively as our final source of truth and authority?

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Got Milk?

The Living Word of God

The Life Changing Power of God’s Word