Resources on Evangelism

The simple way to win others to faith
By Dr. Jack Graham | October 28, 2019

I once heard Billy Graham speak to a group of about 100 very affluent men and women at a dinner party. These were some of the smartest, wealthiest, and most successful people in America. Yet Billy Graham spoke to them like they were children: lovingly, tenderly, and simply. 

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How you can powerfully proclaim the Gospel
By Dr. Jack Graham | October 11, 2019

Not long ago, I was talking to a lady who had just returned from a mission journey. It was her first time to leave the country, and I asked her about the difficulties she faced as she was communicating with people who couldn’t understand her language.

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Tell your world about Him!
By Dr. Jack Graham | January 23, 2018

When you and I look at the New Testament, we see that every person who came to Christ came openly and publicly. There were no secret disciples – each person who followed Christ took up his or her cross and followed Jesus openly. In fact, public confession of the Lord Jesus is one of those “things that belong to salvation,” (Hebrews 6:9). Confessing Christ simply goes hand in hand with salvation.

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