Do you have a strong family?

How’s your family life? Do you have a strong family?

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How to honor dishonorable parents

When it comes to honoring our parents, people often ask me, “What does honoring my parents look like if they don’t deserve honor? What if they abused me? What does honoring my parents look like when my mom and dad weren’t an example of godly parenting?”

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The Home that Jesus Builds

There are many beautiful homes in this area, but as I travel up and down the streets, I wonder how many homes are in those houses. It’s one thing to build a house and it’s another thing to build a home, and only God can build a home.

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A House Built Upon the Lord

Many of you are familiar with Fixer Upper and shows like it on HGTV. You know Chip and Joanna, and of course, they are a couple… a man and a woman of faith as well, and you know what happens. There’s an old house. It’s a bad house; it’s falling down. And yet this couple has enough money to buy this house, and Chip and Joanna come along and they give them a new blueprint and a plan and some ideas. They begin to work their magic on this old house that’s falling down. And by the time they’re done, it’s brand new! It is unbelievably beautiful.

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All In All the Way

Fight for Your Family

Generation Next

Celebrating the Family

Leader, Lover, Defender and Friend

All for One and One for All