Why it’s never too late to rejoin God’s family

Years ago, a young man left angry from his home outside of Chicago. He and his father had harsh words and he swore to never come back.

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Creation: God or genetics?

Mankind… Are we the product of natural selection, the survival of the fittest? Or are we the handy work of a personal God who created us individually? The question is:  Is man made in God’s image or is God made in man’s imagination? Did God make man or did man make God?

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December 15th’s Advent Devotional

          I remember years ago when Life magazine ran a cover story that asked a very provocative question. Famous for its breathtaking photos, the cover featured a stunning picture of the heavens, filled with stars, galaxies, and planets. And on it were printed the words, “Who is God?”

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The Goodness of God