The price of God’s grace for you

Suppose you go over to a friend or loved one’s home and have a nice meal. It’s a great time. You have some good conversation and really enjoy each other’s company. Then when you get up to leave, you reach in your pocket and say, “Okay, how much do I owe you?”

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What is your word for 2020?

Not only have we ended a year, but we have ended a decade.  And as I thought back across the last ten years, I feel truly blessed for how much favor God has poured out on our lives, our family, our church, and PowerPoint Ministries. 

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It’s all about grace

Joshua was not a wicked man. This was the best religion had to offer… the high priest! And yet, as Joshua stood in the presence of God, he was viewed as wearing filthy clothes. He needed God’s forgiveness just as much as you and me. 

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Living an uncommon life

One of the most well known of all the early Christ-followers is Simon, whom Jesus called Simon Peter. And Jesus has so much to say to you and me through this larger-than-life personality.

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Living in the Love of God

God’s Grace for a Barren Place

Much Much More

Grace Enough

The Gospel of Grace

The Redeeming Power of Christ

“You shall not murder.” –Exodus 20:13 The Sixth Commandment isn’t one that a lot of people think they need to pay much attention to these days. But when we dig a little deeper into what those four words really mean and imply, we see that they do apply to each and every one of us! […]

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