What do women really want?

What is it that women really want? The late Gary Smalley, the noted Christian author and marriage counselor, once gave nine specific needs of a wife in the marriage relationship:

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How marriage makes you like Christ

The Greek legend of Pygmalion describes the man who couldn’t find a wife to suit him, so he decided that he would make a wife for himself. He sculpted a beautiful woman and knocked off all the rough edges and made this woman just how he imagined. So he got down on his knees and, according to the legend, prayed to his gods and the woman came alive and became his wife. 

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How to make your marriage thrive

I was in a friend’s home one time and I noticed there was a thick book on one of his bookshelves. As I looked closer, I saw that his name was on that book as the author. So I read the title, and to my amazement the book was called Everything I Know about Women.


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Marriage By the Book – NB

We live in a culture that’s quick to run to the divorce court when a marriage isn’t “working.” But God invented marriage and family, and He can help you and me build a marriage that will last. God wants to bless your marriage and help you succeed. But as a husband or wife, you must […]

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How to breathe life into your marriage

Several years ago, the Lord really impressed upon me that I was too consumed with ministry. Like any job, ministry can become such a part of your life that it starts to become and idol. And chief among the things that were being sacrificed to that idol was my marriage.

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Battle of the Sexes

I suppose there are some today who would love just to take their scissors and cut this verse right out of the Bible, but it's important for us to remember that submission is not merely for wives. Submission is for Christians, and the principle of reciprocal submission is introduced in this passage.  Paul is dealing with the spirit-filled life. 

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Marriage God’s Way Eph

A Covenant to Marriage and Family

What Loves Got to Do with It (Soul Mates)