Money And Finance

Representing Christ in your financial obligations

I heard about a revival that took place in a small town in rural Oklahoma. Now, the banker of this particular little town was not a Christian, and had never once darkened the door of a church. But something struck him as odd about the way people were changing.

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The safest place to keep your treasure

Sam Houston, the great American and Texan, came to Christ late in his life. And a preacher, along with a congregation, went down to a creek to baptize him. He confessed his faith and was baptized in the name of Jesus Christ. And when he came up out of the water, he reached into his pocket, pulled out his wallet, and said to the preacher, “Well Reverend, looks like you baptized my pocketbook, too!”

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How to choose contentment over greed

I remember one day when a friend and I were passing by a beautiful, huge office building. I asked him, “What company is that?” And he answered, “Well, there’s nobody in that building. It’s vacant – and it’s been vacant since the day it was built.”

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How to survive success

I know many people whom God has blessed with financial abundance. While they were in that mode of growing and developing their young family and getting their business started, they were faithful to the Lord, serving the Lord, and living for Him. So God gave them success.

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Financial Firewalls

There are all kinds of money managers and advisors in our world today: financial planners and bankers and stockbrokers and venture capitalists and certified public accountants and all kinds of men and women, attorneys, who offer financial advice and counsel.

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Laboring for God’s Kingdom

America is recognized the world over for the productivity of its labor force. But the economic crisis of recent years… and that continues today… is a powerful reminder that not even great productivity can ensure national or personal wealth.

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The Desire to Acquire