Choosing to be Fearless: Day 5, Persevering

I have lost track as to what day of the week it is. My sleep is totally messed up, and it’s hard to concentrate. It’s a struggle to stay positive and feel any sense of accomplishment. Constantly I remind myself of my blessings and that God has all of this. The news is filled with suffering and death. It’s hard to rationalize suffering. Suffering has always been with us, and the Christian is not exempt. But one of Satan’s greatest lies is that "God doesn’t love us, or why would He hurt innocent people?" This is where perseverance comes into play. We see only a speck of the eternal picture. As hurtful as this moment may be, we are blessed. Pain, fear and darkness will not disappear, but God’s light will be a beacon to those who believe. Keeping the faith, sharing the truth of God’s plan for our lives, and persevering to finish well is our mandate.

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The wisdom of waiting

There is a key password for connecting with God. The word is patience.  If you and I want to move toward an enduring faith, it begins with patiently waiting on and listening to God. 

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