Resources on Salvation

The Gospel According to Nebuchadnezzar
By Dr. Jack Graham | March 13, 2019

I’ve heard of some remarkable conversions in my time.  I think, perhaps, one of the most remarkable is that of Panamanian dictator, Manuel Noriega.  A dear friend of mine, Dr. Rudy Hernandez from San Antonio, Texas, along with Pastor Clift Brannon had an opportunity to go down to Miami, and to get the Gospel into Manuel Noriega before he stood trial.

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The only works that lead to eternal life
By Dr. Jack Graham | October 24, 2018

I’m an American. Growing up, I was taught that I could do anything I wanted in life as long as I was willing to work for it. That’s how many people in our country are raised… to never give up on their dreams, pull themselves up by their bootstraps, and make something of themselves no matter their background.

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Your position as a born-again believer in Christ
By Dr. Jack Graham | August 16, 2018

Someone asked me one time, “Are you a born-again Christian?” And you know what's funny? That’s the only kind of Christian there is! If you’re not born again, the Bible says you’ll never enter the Kingdom of God. To be a child of God, you must experience this kind of supernatural rebirth in which you are converted and changed from the inside out.

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Jesus is your advocate.
By Dr. Jack Graham | April 16, 2018

Has the devil ever tried to “re-try” you for a past sin? The enemy just loves to bring up sins that we’ve confessed to God. He’ll say things to us like, “You can’t be forgiven. There’s no hope for your sin!” 

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Jesus came to find us
By Dr. Jack Graham | March 16, 2018

Do you realize that religion doesn’t seek the one true God? That may surprise you, but it’s true. Religion is nothing more than man’s frail effort to create God in his own image.

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Victory is on the way!
By Dr. Jack Graham | February 12, 2018

And Moses said to the people, “Fear not, stand firm, and see the salvation of the Lord, which he will work for you today.”
—Exodus 14:13

Do you know the saying, “Don’t just stand there, do something!”? Well, a while back I read a twist on this that said, “Don’t just do something, stand there!” I love this idea because human nature can make us panic and think, “I have to do something quick to save myself,” even if I don’t know what to do.
Well, I’m sure that had to cross the minds of the children of Israel. There they were with the Red Sea straight ahead of them and Pharaoh’s army about to overtake them. Panic had to be the theme of the day, but Moses wasn’t panicking.
While he may not have known exactly what God was going to do to deliver them from Pharaoh’s men, he knew that God was capable of the miraculous! So he spoke to God’s people and said, “Fear not, stand firm, and see the salvation of the Lord, which he will work for you today!”
And as you know, God did not disappoint! He parted the sea and allowed the Israelites to walk across on dry land. And when they had finished crossing, he vanquished their enemy before their eyes.
Listen! If you are in a dry and barren place wondering if you’re going to make it, just remember who’s fighting your fight!
“Stand firm and see the salvation of the Lord!”


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The best is yet to come
By Dr. Jack Graham | January 22, 2018

Do you realize that there are things that come with salvation? That’s exactly what today’s verse says. There are things that “belong to” or accompany our salvation, things that help you and me grow into maturity. And these are things are worth acknowledging with praise and gratitude to God.  

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Have you found new life?
By Dr. Jack Graham | January 11, 2018

Did you know that there are more conversations recorded between Jesus and Simon Peter than any other two people in Scripture?  It’s true, and I want to bring your attention to one such conversation. Jesus is saying something so important to you and me through it.

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By Dr. Jack Graham | June 16, 2016

By Dr. Jack Graham | April 25, 2015