Help! I’m Stressed Out Part 2

Help! I’m Stressed Out

The Most Popular Verse of 2019

I recently read that YouVersion, the popular Bible app, shared that its most engaged with-popular- verse of 2019 was Philippians 4:6.

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Get Strife Out of Your Life

When I was a little guy my mother used to cook in a thing called a pressure cooker. It would literally heat from the pressure within. And she would cook beans particularly in there. Every now and then this thing would start whistling and rattling, and suddenly there was an explosion! I would hear my mother scream, and I’d walk in and there were green beans all over the ceiling because that thing just finally blew up.

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Can a Christian Conquer Stress?

In the fast paced world in which we live, every believer faces the problem of stress, worry, and the various anxieties of our age. In fact this has been called the aspirin age or the age of anxiety.

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Stress Test

How to find peace when you’re feeling under pressure

One reason why so many people feel stressed these days is our relentless pace of life. Maybe you’re working long days and late hours… or constantly shuttling your kids from one activity to the next. You race home for a few minutes to eat dinner before heading to the next practice or event, and then […]

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