Defeating lust

Talking about a subject like adultery is unpleasant. It’s unpleasant because in our hearts, we know how dire the consequences of this sin really are. 

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It’s about your attitude, not your aptitude

Daniel was a man who faced many trials, and high among those was being held in captivity in Babylon. Even still, He had such a positive attitude. We’ve heard many times:  It’s not your aptitude, but it is your attitude that will determine your altitude. 

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Believe and be blessed

So often we are defeated by the things we say to ourselves. Our anxious thoughts, our sinful thoughts, thoughts that do not honor God, or thoughts that impact us negatively.

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The power of a sober mind

Peter says that an important part of living godly and holy lives is being “sober-minded.” This idea of being sober-minded has a couple of different meanings.

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The Battle for Your Mind