Your Heart Needs a Change

If you walk into any bookstore today, you’ll find shelves and shelves of self-improvement books…books about how to change and improve your life.

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The only way your life can be changed

There’s an epidemic I've noticed in the Church today – so many people are giving no real evidence of conversion and salvation. And I think the root cause of this is that so many are trying to turn from their idols before they turn to God. In other words, they hear the message of Jesus Christ, but they think that the way to come to Christ is to give up their sin first, and then give their lives to Jesus.

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How to shine with God’s glory

Have you ever known people who just glow? I’m talking about those men and women whose faces just glisten with Christ in their lives. And while their outward features, that is, their external beauty, may be great, the glory of Christ that shines through them is so much better.

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A Defining Moment

Need a new life?

There is power in the name of Jesus!

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Do you need a new heart?

Jesus is in the business of changing your heart and mine. It’s absolutely true! Let me give you an amazing example.

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Are you being transformed?

Has Jesus changed your life? I know that seems like an obvious question. But how has he changed you?

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You are God’s work of art

Men are often told to “get in touch with their feminine side” in order to be more integrated and sensitive human beings. But what we really need… men and women alike… is to get in touch with our spiritual side! And Simon Peter is a great example.

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