Resources on Unity

Why is unity important in the body of Christ?
By Dr. Jack Graham | October 25, 2019

Several years ago, there was a lady in our church who needed an urgent blood transfusion. So some members of our church got together and decided they were going to go donate the blood she needed. It saved her life. The blood donors made a card for this dear woman and wrote, “We gave our blood for you because Jesus gave His blood for us.”

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A clarion call for Christian unity
By | October 10, 2019

I heard about a lady who was a die-hard Southern Baptist. She was Baptist and three-fourths! So when her grandson decided he was going to join the First Presbyterian Church down the road, she was dismayed, to say the least.

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God blesses unity!
By Dr. Jack Graham | February 8, 2018

Today’s verse contains one of the most remarkable statements recorded in Scripture. It says that God loves you and me just as he loves Christ Jesus. Isn’t that amazing? How does a perfect and holy God love us who are so imperfect and unholy? 

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