The greatest sin of the average Christian

Howard Hendricks, the noted Bible scholar and now retired professor at Dallas Theological Seminary, once said, “The greatest threat to Christianity is not Communism or atheism. It is Christians trying to get into heaven incognito without being involved in sharing their faith with others or serving the Lord with their whole hearts.”

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Understanding God’s love for the lost

I don’t know if you’ve ever thought you’d lost a child, but when our youngest child was around 8 years old, we thought we had lost him. It was on a Wednesday night, and there was a miscommunication about where he was supposed to be. So we were waiting on him and he was nowhere to be found.

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Choosing to be Fearless: Day 3, Proclaiming

My neighbors all know Deuce! This mild-tempered beagle, part of a brother duo team, has proclaimed himself to everyone who comes within a block of me while we're out for a walk. The funny thing is that of the beagle boys, Deuce is the lover. He is a kisser and cuddler. But once in the harness, he demonstrates his gift of proclamation. Last evening, a sweet couple with a large dog caught his eye. Loud howling and barking set forth. He was fearless!

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Share Your Story

If you are a follower of Christ… if you claim the Lord Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior… you are called to share your faith with others. 

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Beyond All Limits

The Winning Spirit

Making Your Work a Ministry

God’s Way to Success

Maximizing Your Influence